Royce Reed Exposes Dwight Howard's Alleged 'Polygamy Quest'

Royce Reed Exposes Dwight Howard’s Alleged ‘Polygamy Quest,’ Says Son’s ‘Inappropriate Conduct’ Took Place At His Residence

Royce Reed is speaking out and exposing her alleged past dealings with her son’s father, Dwight Howard. As The Shade Room previously reported, Reed pleaded not guilty after being charged with child neglect for their son, Braylon.

The charges reportedly stemmed from Braylon participating in “inappropriate conduct” with a minor in 2021.

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A Motivational Video Posted By Dwight Howard Prompts Response From Royce Reed

On Wednesday evening, Howard took to social media to share a video of him motivating his children in the gym. In the series of videos, Howard can be seen pushing his children to reveal their true strength and mental endurance.

Additionally, he captioned the video and explained that he’s “teaching” his kids “the process of being great.”

“In the process of being GREAT it’s going to be laughs, frowns, smiles, tears, blood, and sweat but that’s what is needed for us to succeed as individuals and also collectively as a family 🙏🏾I’m just teaching my kids what it means to be resilient, to be determined and to have discipline…”

He then ended his caption by explaining that “every day is a battle and some battles are going to be harder to win than others.” However, it’s important to “never say you can’t.”

“Every day is a battle and some battles are going to be harder to win than others, but we have to fight them until we WIN! And if we WIN the day every day we’ll never lose in the end ! We have to finish every mission we begin and follow through. That’s the most important part ! Never say you can’t! Remember Philippians 4:13 🤔… YOU CAN and you will! Just follow through. That’s how you be Great 🙏🏾”

On Thursday morning, Howard returned to Instagram to share another video of him alongside his kids in the gym.

Royce Reed Exposes Her Alleged Interactions With Her Child’s Father, Dwight Howard

Howard’s clips prompted mixed responses from Instagram users. One in particular, @yesi_nava21, shared her thoughts under Howard’s follow-up clip.

“Just cause they’re your kids doesn’t mean they want to be like you weirdo let them be kids”
While another user, @aimeeku926, added.
“So motivating 💯 and beautiful kids🫶🫶🫶”

However, Royce Reed, the mother of Howard’s oldest son, Braylon, also appeared to take issue with his motivational gym videos alongside his other children.

Reed took to her Instagram Story on Thursday with a brief message.

“Not someone PRETENDING to be a parent for 1 day out of 365 for the cameras… Don’t make Thursdays into Truth Thursday.”

A short time later, Reed stepped into The Shade Room’s comment section, explaining that she’s “sat quiet for years,” and now she’s “done.” Reed alleged that Howard is “evil” and allegedly told a 12-year-old that he is “gay” for not partaking in sexual activity.

Additionally, she alleged that it took Howard four and half years to “fire the nanny that molested 2 of his kids.”

Furthermore, Reed explained that she’s going to “defend” her “village” despite allegedly being asked by Howard to sign an NDA.

She then alleged that Howard asked her to “be his matriarch” in his alleged “polygamy quest” and “pays blogs not to post anything good about his exes.”

From there, Reed then directed her statements at social media users.

…you wanna bash a 12yo for doing what his father told him to do?… [I’m] FULLY TRIGGERED because they have no idea what this man is doing to all of us behind closed doors…”

Reed then explained that she has “videos and texts” from “20+ phones.”

Before hopping out of The Shade Room’s Instagram comments, Reed also shared a brief statement regarding her son’s alleged inappropriate conduct with minors, seemingly implying that the incident occurred at Howard’s residence.

“It happened at HIS HOUSE under HIS SUPERVISION.”


Royce Reed Says She Will Be Streaming Live With “Receipts”

After exiting TSR’s comment section, Reed returned to her Instagram Story to alert her followers that she will be live-streaming with her attorney tonight because she’s “tired of the false narrative that has gone on for years.”

“Per my attorney, I’m showing all my cards so I had to delete. But you saw the previews for this movie… I will be going live with my attorney… this evening. I’m tired of the false narrative that’s gone on for years.”

As of Thursday afternoon, Howard has not responded to or addressed Reed’s allegations against him.


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