Since his baseball days when he was sluggin’ home runs for the #ChicagoCubs, you don’t hear much about #SammySosa these days, unless you’re listening to #ChiefKeef or watched the #TeddyPerkins episode on this last season of Atlanta.
But in a rare appearance, Sammy Sosa recently sat down with @SportsIllustrated to let the people know, he’s living his best life in Dubai as an “international man of commerce” and yes, he addresses his way lighter skin, sort of.
Though Sammy Sosa admitted years ago he used a bleaching-type cream that softens and whitens his skin. In the new interview, he says he doesn’t much care for what people say about his skin tone, claiming: “This is my life, and I don’t take garbage from nobody. I do whatever I want.”
His son Junior chimed in and added that his father worked hard in baseball for many years and those comments about his appearance undermine all that. #Roommates, do you agree?
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