One #Atlanta man’s plan to get snatched didn’t quite work out the way he had hoped and now bruh is looking at jail time.

#ChristopherJones is accused of opening a line of credit with the name of a #Florida inmate serving a life sentence and trying to finance $16,000 worth of plastic surgery at Dr. Curves surgical center, @ajc reports. And the man didn’t even get to make it to the operating table before he got busted!

Jones, who is facing one count of financial identity fraud following his arrest in January, got caught when he reported for a pre-operation appointment at Dr. Curves, according to police.

Detectives said they were actually tipped off about Jones’ lil scheme by a bank employee, who called police to report that Jones had allegedly opened two bogus lines of credit.

“One was actually opened in the name of someone serving a life sentence in Florida,” said Johns Creek police Capt. Chris Byers.

Police said Jones admitted to detectives he bought the personal information to finance his cosmetic procedures.

“Basically what the law says in any of these cases (is) that you knew or should have known,” Byers told the station, “and when you’re paying $2,000 to a third party for $16,000 worth of care, that definitely falls under known or should have known.”

Jones is facing one count of financial identity fraud and has since been released on a $15,000 bond, Fulton County jail records show.

He made his court appearance on Wednesday.

#Roommates, as bad as someone can want their best, snatched body, risking freedom clearly wasn’t worth it in this case.

Even the best scammers every now and then get caught.

Would you all go to great lengths to get your body done or are you team natural? Let us know!

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