Say What?! The Net Catches On To Over 50 Jeffrey Dahmer References Found In These Popular Tracks Following The Netflix Series

Say What?! The Net Catches On To Over 50 Jeffrey Dahmer References Found In These Popular Tracks Following The Netflix Series

The Series That Left Everyone In A Frenzy

For the past few weeks “Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story” Netflix series has folks buzzing all over the net. The 10-part series takes us back to the 80s to show us Dahmer’s serial killer lifestyle. From debates to threads, this series has made a huge impact on the public. After learning about Jeffrey Dahmer, Netflix viewers understand the song references found in popular pop, hip-hop, rap, and rock tracks throughout the years.


‘Dark Horse’ By Katy Perry Featuring Juicy J

In 2013, Katy Perry released her ‘Dark Horse’ pop trap-bop featuring Juicy J. The song quickly galloped to #1 on the Hot 100 charts. 2 years later it scored Katy her first 1 billion views on VEVO. Fans can find the Jeffrey Dahmer reference in Juicy J’s verse. 

“She’s a beast, I call her Karma

She eats your heart out like Jeffrey Dahmer” 


‘Transformer’ By Future Featuring Nicki Minaj

 Nicki Hendrix! Future & Nicki Minaj always snap when they come together. Back in 2018, they collaborated on Future’s joint project with Juice WRLD. The Dahmer reference can be found when Nicki came through with heat for her verse. 

“F**k these n****s give them trauma 

Could of fixed his life, but now that n***a need the lyanla 

All his friends tryna kill it, eat it, J.A. Dahmer”


 ‘Cannibal’ By Ke$ha

Cannibal Cannibal! In 2010, Ke$ha had folks dancing to this pop track. Even in 2022 the song is still trending on many platforms. Ke$ha’s Dahmer reference is in her 2nd verse. 

 “Use your finger to stir my tea 

And for dessert I’ll suck your teeth 

Be too sweet and you’ll be a goner. Yeah, I’ll pull a Jeffrey Dahmer” 

‘I’m on it’ By J. Cole

When it’s time to spit J.Cole is gonna step. You can find the Jeffrey Dahmer reference in his track ‘I’m on It’. 

“Don’t fight the feeling mama 

Not Jeffrey Dahmer but your body is a killer mama”

‘Bagpipes From Baghdad’ By Eminem


In 2009, Eminem decided to take a few jabs at his ex-boo Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon. He used his Dahmer reference to get off his chest how he really felt. 

“Never knew I could remind me so much of my momma. 

I’ll cut ya like Dahmer, pull a butcher knife on ya 

The size of a sword, boy, I’m like the f****n’ Red Sonja”

Eminem is no stranger to the Jeffrey Dahmer references because through this career he names dropped the serial killer 5 or more times in tracks like: ‘Psychopath Killer’, ‘Brainless’, ‘2.0 boys’, ‘Must Be The Ganja’, and ‘Things Get Worse’ 


 ‘Bandit’ By Juice WRLD Featuring NBA YoungBoy

Fans went crazy when Juice WRLD & NBA YoungBoy shared their first lit collaboration back in 2019. The Dahmer reference can be found in Juice’s first verse.



“Bad b***h from the woods,

I think she a hunter. 

She a killer and an eater S

he a Jeffrey Dahmer”


Juice WRLD also dropped more references on ‘So Fake’, his unreleased ‘Jeffrey’ track, and his verse on Kodak Black’s ‘Mosh Pit’.

‘Break The Law’ By Mac Miller 


2015 was the year Mac Miller released his album “GO:OD Am”. His Jeffrey Dahmer reference can be found on his track ‘Break the Law’. 


“I killed the game like Jeffrey Dahmer did the 80’s 

Speeding down the freeway getting head in my Mercedes”

‘Pretty Boy Swag Remix’ By Tyga

Everyone was hoppin onto remix Soulja Boy.s “Pretty Boy Swag” back in 2010. Tyga went off and referenced Dahmer in his track. 


“Eat your heart out b***h I’m Jeffrey 

Damme darrier my luggage 

Lucky lefty I’m right-handed”

‘You’re Gonna Love This’ By 3OH!3

30H!3 was a duo that delivered many pop bops. You can find their Dahmer reference in their track ‘You’re Gonna Love This.’ 

“And I swear to ya honor 

That in my car the girl was biting on my lips like Jeffrey Dahmer”


‘Pass That Dutch’ By Missy Elliot

Misssyyyyy! One thing about Missy Elliot: she’s going to give us a hit. In her ‘Pass That Dutch’ track she slid in a slick Jeffrey Dahmer reference.


“I’m under attack like my name was Saddam 

I am the bomb from New York to Milan 

And I can write a song sicker than Jeffrey Dahm”

‘Straight Boys’ By Jeffree Star

YouTuber Jeffree Star decided to put the makeup pallets to the side in 2007 & step into the music world. His Dahmer reference was a message to the boys on his track ‘Straight Boys.’ 

“I want a boy like me but hotter 

To eat me out like Jeffrey Dahmer”

‘Lil Drummer Boy’ By Lil Kim

“The Notorious K.I.M” will forever be an iconic project for Lil Kim. Her reference to Jeffrey Dahmer can be found in her rap hit ‘Lil Drummer Boy.’ 

“Excuse my persona 

I may be hardcore but I’m not Jeffrey Dahmer 

Ever since I killed ’em, I ain’t been in trouble since”

The rapper also name drops the serial killer on her 2011 track ‘Black Friday’.

‘What’s Poppin’ Freestyle By Machine Gun Kelly

In 2020, Jack Harlow popped out with his hit song ‘What’s Poppin’. Shortly after Machine Gun Kelly hopped in the studio to deliver his own remix. 


“Eat beef like McDonald’s 

Eat rappers, Jeff Dahmer 

Top five of the young rhymers”

‘John Wick’ By Migos

Migos is the trio that never fails to come together and bring the heat. The Jeffrey Dahmer reference can be found in Takeoff’s verse. 

“When it come to the artillery 

I’m very talented

Takeoff Dahmer, 

I be killin’ sh***”

‘Coco Remix’ By Montana 300

In 2014, Montana 300 decided to remix O.T Genesis ‘Coco’ track. He used his Jeffrey Dahmer reference in comparison to how he kills the beat.


“Someone tell DJ Drama to holla at me, I Jeffrey Dahmer a beat 

Go talk to the Devil and ask him who is he”

Three Celebrities Are Currently Facing Backlash

Even though multiple artists have mentioned Dahmer’s name within their music, it seems like Katy Perry, Ke$ha, and Eminem are the only ones currently in the hot seat. Many have taken it to the net to go back and forth on their opinions. Some feel like referencing Jeffrey Dahmer is not only disgusting but insensitive to victims. On the other hand, some feel like time has passed and the artist didn’t name drop to glorify the killer.

The List Of Songs Is Almost Endless


So far, we have named 15, but this list of Jeffrey Dahmer references goes on and on. Here are a few more tracks that made the list.


213″ – Slayer

‘Arcarsenal’ – At The Drive-In

‘Bring The Pain’ Freestyle – Kendrick Lamar

‘Body Parts’ – Three 6 Mafia

‘Celebrity Cannibalism’ – Creaming Jesus

‘Choklit Factory’ – Marilyn Manson

‘Control’ – The Black Dahlia Murder


‘Da Graveyard’ – Big L

‘Dahmer’ – Macabre[21]

‘Dahmer and the Limbs’ – Nicole Dollanganger

‘Dahmer Does Hollywood’ – Amigo the Devil

‘Dahmer is Dead’ – Violent Femmes

‘Danger Zone’ – Big L

‘Death 2’ – Meechy Darko

‘Dirty Frank’ – Pearl Jam


‘Freeze Dried Man’ – Macabre

‘God Bless’ – Combichrist

‘Jeffrey Dahmer’– Soulfly

“Kaancepts” -K.A.A.N.

‘Keep it Underground’ – Lords of the Underground

‘KKKill the Fetus’ – Esham

‘Killer’ – Phoebe Bridgers

‘Lift Me Up’ – Vince Staples

‘Lord Dahmer’ – Final Solution


‘Marlon JD’– Manic Street Preachers

‘Million Dollar Baby’ – Lil Wayne

‘Moonshine’ – Swollen Members

‘Murder Avenue’ – Geto Boys

‘Nature of the threat’ – Ras Kass

‘Natural Born Killaz’ – Dr. Dre featuring Ice Cube

‘Now I’m High, Really High’ − Three 6 Mafia

‘Orange Juice’ – EarlWolf featuring Tyler The Creator

‘Particle Accelerator’ – Tad


‘Rap, Soda y Bohemia’ – Molotov

‘Reign In Blood’ – Necro

‘Room 213’ – Church of Misery

‘Room 213’ – Dead Moon

‘Room 213’ – G.G.F.H.

‘Said the Spider to the Fly’ – the pAper chAse

‘Siccmade’ – Brotha Lynch Hung

‘Sinthasomphone’ – Venetian Snares

‘Spooky Mormon Hell Dream’ – Andrew Rannells

‘Still Born/Still Life’ – Christian Death


‘The Ballad Of Jeffrey Dahmer’ – Pinkard & Bowden

‘Tom Dahmer Mixtape Freestyle’ – Necr

‘Trigger Inside’ – Therapy?

‘Usual Suspects’ – Hollywood Undead

‘What’s That Smell?’ – Macabre

“Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story” Reactions 

The Dahmer Netflix series has sparked a lot of reactions and emotions from the public. 

Rapper Lil Boosie even recently spoke out demanding that Netflix take down the series and give the families every coin made. “Us as Blacks we need to ban this Jeffrey Dahmer movie. This is some sick s**t. What he did to our race, this is some sick s**t. We need to boycott this damn movie off Netflix. This is sick. The victims’ families should be getting paid off of every dollar Netflix made.”

Reactions From The Net


Roomies, do yall think canceling the series along with the celebrities who mentioned Dahmer in tracks is doing too much or nah?


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