#Roommates, clearly it’s scamming season! Summer hasn’t even kicked off yet and these men are on the loose and running wild ladies!

If you’re looking for love online, you might want to make sure your Prince Charming is who he says he is because another scammer has been placed behind bars for luring women in through a dating app and then stealing their coin!

According to @KTLA, Los Angeles detectives are asking women to come forward if they’ve been involved with a man by the name of Wilson Jackson who left women broken hearted AND broke! Police say Wilson targeted dozens of women through dating apps and either stole from their purse while they were asleep or using the restroom or asked for a loan that he would repay.

In a statement by police, they detail how he did it, saying: “After meeting with his victims, Jackson would ask them for a loan, claiming he was having issues with his bank, or that his car was impounded with his wallet inside.”

LAPD officials also added: “When women went to the suspect’s home, “Jackson stole their credit card information and checks from their checkbooks while they slept or used the restroom,” the police statement said. “Jackson would use their stolen information to buy clothes for himself, pay personal bills, or make travel arrangements for other victims of his scam.”

The craziest part about this whole scam is he’s allegedly been doing it for years AND some of the women who were his victims were cops and lawyers #Roommates! Now, how did Wilson reportedly do it? It seems, he apparently pretended to be a wealthy rapper and used aliases like “Da Truth,” “Syncere” and “Outlaw.”

One woman told CBS that her sister was one of his victims, saying: “He picked up my sister at the airport and said his car was broken and in the shop and he needed help because his credit card wasn’t working. He took my sister to his dentist appointment and they said his name and it was the wrong name that he had gave my sister.”

According to the sister, Jackson used the woman’s credit cards to buy plane tickets and entertainment. He even attempted to buy a car using her as a co-signer.

Wilson is being charged with felony identity theft, forgery and grand theft. But in the meantime, stay safe out there Queens!

We’ll keep you up on this tea #roommates!


Source: https://ktla.com/2019/05/23/police-investigating-alleged-online-dating-scammer/