Shanquella Robinson's Family Speaks Out After U.S. Decision

Shanquella Robinson’s Family Speaks Out After U.S. Declines To Pursue Criminal Charges Regarding Her Death

Shanquella Robinson’s family members are sharing their reactions to U.S. law enforcement’s decision not to charge anyone in her 2022 death. Additionally, the family says that filing a lawsuit is still possible in seeking justice via a civil court.

TMZ spoke to the late North Carolinian’s mother and sister, Sallamondra and Quella. The women told the outlet that they are devastated that U.S. officials are closing the case without holding anyone accountable.

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Shanquella Robinson’s Mother & Sister Speak Out

More than anything, Robinson’s mother and sister are confused regarding the results of the different investigations into Shanquella’s death.

Two autopsies were conducted after Shanquella died this past fall near Cabo San Lucas. The first one was performed by Mexican officials almost immediately following her death. It reported the cause as “severe spinal cord injury” and instability of her vertebrae, suggesting she had suffered severe trauma.

However, a recent U.S. autopsy of Robinson’s body found her spine intact, as reported by WBTV.

That finding directly contradicts the claims of Mexican authorities, who said Robinson’s spine was broken.

“It’s been nothing but frustration, and it’s an emotional rollercoaster because now we’re back to square one…” Robinson’s sister expressed. “We think it’s a sad situation, and I solely stand on that those people in that room that was on that trip with my sister caused her death. Even though it’s some discrepancies between the two autopsies, [in] both reports, she died a horrific death…”

Additionally, the autopsy concluded that there was swelling in her brain. It ultimately determined an inconclusive cause of death.

According to the medical examiner, the most significant findings of the autopsy on Robinson’s body were hematoma of the forehead (pool of blood that forms in an organ, tissue, or body space), mild cerebral edema (concussion), and hypoxic-ischemic brain injury (inadequate blood flow/oxygenation of the brain).

In addition, the report stated that the hematoma of the forehead was consistent with blunt-force trauma.

U.S. Attorney Says There Is Not Enough Evidence To Charge Anyone In Connection To Robinson’s Death

In a press release announcing the decision, U.S. Attorney Dena King said there was insufficient evidence to pursue criminal charges in the U.S.

Mexican prosecutors had previously filed charges in the case. However, US authorities have not honored a request to extradite anyone related to those charges to Mexico.

Sue-Ann Robinson tells TMZ that the U.S. prosecutors kicked the can down the line and made it a wholly Mexican problem.


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