Roommates, we all learned about Patriots star player, Aaron Hernandez’s alleged involvement in 3 murders a few years ago that sent shock waves across the country. Later, that same shock would return once news broke that he had taken his life while incarcerated. Since his passing, Netflix has released a documentary titled ‘Killer Aside: The Mind Of Aaroon Hernandez’ where they detailed his childhood struggle, and the tragic trajectory his life was on.

After the release of the docuseries, many people on costal media were upset with the particular fixation on Aaron Hernandez’s sexuality. Though it was never confirmed by hime or his family, Netflix incorporated personal testimonials of men who alleged they had sexual encounters with Aaron through out his life.

Aaron’s former fiancee, Shayanna, who remained by his side during his trial spoke with Good Morning America about the docuseries, and addressed the implications of Aaron’s sexuality. Saying: “You can’t describe someone’s sexuality without them being here” she also added when asked if she wanted to comment on whether Aaron may have been bisexual or gay, she said” If he did feel that way, I wish he would have told me, because I would not have loved him any differently. I would have understood, It’s not shameful. I don’t think anybody should be shameful about who they are inside.”

Watch clip here

Since Aaron’s passing, Shayanna has had another child, with a man by the name of Dino Guilmette, who actually use to play football with Aaron. Watching the clip, you can clearly see Aaron is still very much a hard topic for Shayanna. We continue to send her love and light for her and her growing family!