Sherhonda Gaulden Shoots Her Shot At Tyler Perry To Be In One Of His Films

They say closed mouths don’t get fed, and it doesn’t look like NBA Youngboy’s mother, Sherhonda Gaulden, is taking any chances. Sherhonda shot her shot at Tyler Perry in hopes of landing a role in one of his films. The mother of three and aspiring rapper shared a DM she sent to the mogul on Instagram, which read,

“Dear Mr. Tyler Perry, I think you should put me in a movie. I have no acting skills or nothing like that, but you should just take a chance on me.”

The Roommates thought Sherhonda’s message was funny due to her grammatical errors. One wrote, “Not with that grammar.” Another commented, “Gotta check the spelling first, but yesss, I can see her in a play, lol.” Sherhonda isn’t the only one who has done this online in hopes of a role. As we previously reported, Keke Palmer did the same thing. It landed her a role on the hit show ‘Insecure.’ The actress reminded everyone last October when she posted a screenshot of her September 2020 tweet on Instagram.

She wrote, “Careful what you wish for… Genuinely so thankful to @issarae! I always shoot my work shots (cause I loves to werk ). What’s the worst that can happen? Present your skill. You never know how it can be of service.”

Keke didn’t stop there. In November, she also shot her shoot while on an episode of ‘The View’ telling Whoopi Goldberg that she wanted to be in the film ‘Sister Act 3’.


Roommates, do you think Sherhonda has what it takes to be an actress?

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