Police in #Michigan are counting on people to do the right thing after a man accidentally spilled $30,000 in cash onto a highway. The money was then picked up by fellow drivers.

The money was in a cardboard box and fell off the back of the man’s truck onto US 31 in #GrandHaven this past Thursday. Some of the money has already been returned, according to @cnn, but police are still asking people who may have picked up the cash to turn it in.

“Officers temporarily closed traffic lanes and were assisted by witnesses with picking up the money,” the department said in a statement Thursday. “…He said that he inadvertently left the box on the bumper of his truck. The box fell off his bumper while he was driving north on Beacon Blvd., sending the cash across the roadway just south of the bridge,” police said.

Police said officers and bystanders eventually were able to recover $2,470 from the scene, and asked anyone who had picked up other bills to bring the cash to the Grand Haven Department of Public Safety.

“All money has been removed and treasure hunters are directed to not stop or walk in traffic lanes or any area that would pose a risk,” Thursday’s statement warned motorists.

On Saturday, the department posted an update, giving praise to a number of people who had brought in the flying cash.

Police said on Facebook in the post that one woman returned $3,880 and two 17-year-olds handed back $630.

“Thank you and way to go! We commend you for your honesty!! The owner of the money will be grateful,” the Facebook statement said.

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