Simone Biles Dishes On Her Cabo Wedding Ceremony (PHOTOS)

Simone Biles Dishes On Her Cabo Wedding Ceremony: ‘I’ve Never Been So Nervous Before’ (PHOTOS)

On the heels of tying the knot at a Houston courthouse, Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens celebrated their union with a ceremony in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico!

Now, the gymnastics legend is speaking on the newlyweds’ special day and giving fans the deets they crave.

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Simone Biles Details Her Wedding Lewk: “I Went With My Gut Feeling”

During a sit-down with Vogue, Simone discussed her Cabo ceremony from its earliest inception.

The 26-year-old initially spoke on how, while the planning was “so much fun” at first, it ultimately got “really stressful.”

“The planning process [for her Cabo ceremony] was so much fun in the beginning, and then it started getting really stressful.”

She added, “I definitely recommend a wedding planner.”

As for what Biles wore on the special day, she donned a Galia Lahav dress. While she opted for the gown she “felt the most beautiful in,” she was still “nervous.”

“I went with my gut feeling and what I felt the most beautiful in. I actually got a dress that I originally said I wouldn’t like. I was nervous about having a ball gown because I’m so petite — but it works perfect.”

She noted that the gown’s leg slit was “crucial,” as she thought it added “more length” to her stature. Take note, petite queens!

“The leg slit was very crucial. It was to add, in my head, more length to my body. I think this is exactly how brides are supposed to feel: luxurious, beautiful, kind of on top of the world.”

As she shared during an Instagram Q&A, she ultimately rocked FOUR dresses throughout her wedding weekend, as confirmed by PEOPLE.

Nervousness Morphed Into Confidence While Walking Down The Aisle

In addition to the stress and glamour of it all, Simone also spoke on how the lead-up to the special moment was filled with nervousness.

“I actually felt so sick the entire day, and when it was almost time to walk, my heart was beating out of my chest. I’ve never been so nervous before in my life.”

However, she “felt confident” when the time came, and the event “was so beautiful and dreamy.”

“I felt confident walking down the aisle. Seeing Jonathan at the altar was a dream. Our guests were cheering for everyone. I was shocked by the love in the air. The ceremony was so beautiful and dreamy!”

She warmly added, “Jonathan and I just tuned into each other and blocked everyone out. I fell in love with him all over.”

Ultimately, Biles noted that she was “so sad” that the wedding festivities were over, and she rated the occasion a “12 out of 10.” Additionally, she proclaimed that she “want[s] to do it again.”

“I’m so sad it’s all over. I want to do it again. We had the best night of our lives. It was a 12 out of 10!”

Congratulations again to Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens!


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