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Sisqo Files Lawsuit For Thong Song Royalties


 We all know Sisqo’s hit single “Thong Song” released back in 1999 from his classic Unleash The Dragon album. However, Sisqo claims he has yet to see all of the royalties from that single as well as his other music.


According to TMZ, Sisqo said he hired 27 Red Music to collect all of his royalties from multiple music publishing companies from 1996 to 2005. He said that the company has yet to pay him the $600,000 that they owe him.


 Now he is looking to not only receive the money that is owed to him, but he is also suing the company for $3 million in punitive damages.


We’ll see how this goes and if he’ll receive the money that he deserves.
In the meantime, let’s reminisce on the classic hit below!

Source: TMZ 

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