Mock Slave Auction: 6 Teens Charged After Creating On Snapchat

Say What?! Six Massachusetts Teens Charged After Allegedly Organizing A Mock Slave Auction On Snapchat

Six middle school students have been charged for allegedly organizing a mock slave auction on Snapchat.

According to Atlanta Black Star, the mock auction targeted the teens’ Black classmates.

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The disgusting display reportedly occurred on the Snapchat app on Feb. 8 and Feb. 9 last month.

A group of white eighth-grade students in Southwick, Massachusetts, spearheaded the racist event.

Consequently, Hampden District Attorney Anthony Gulluni was informed about the cyberbullying incident just days after it occurred. He subsequently enlisted state detectives to investigate.

The District Attorney’s Statement About The Mock Slave Auction On Snapchat

The DA released a statement on Facebook that read, “Hatred and racism have no place in this community. And where this behavior becomes criminal, I will ensure that we act, and act with swift resolve, as we did here, to uncover it and bring it to the light of justice.”

In addition, Gulluni denounced the students’ behavior, labeling it “vile, cruel, and contemptible.” Furthermore, he stated the auction was birthed in a “hateful, racist online chat that included heinous language” in addition to “threats.”

Moreover, he wrote, “The investigation revealed that several students expressed hateful and racist comments, including notions of violence toward people of color, racial slurs, derogatory pictures and videos, and a mock slave auction directed at two particular juveniles.”

The children’s bigoted behavior disturbed Gulluni.

“Seeing it, and facing the reality that these thoughts, that this ugliness, can exist within middle school students, here, in this community, in 2024 is discouraging, unsettling, and deeply frustrating.”

In addition, he ensured the community that officials “intend to appropriately punish those whose alleged behavior displayed a capacity for such hatred and cruelty and, ultimately, amounted to chargeable criminal conduct.”

More Details On The Punishment For The Auction Participants

A mother of a targeted student spoke out. She stated students placed “$2 to $4 a bid.”

The six teenagers were charged with threat to commit a crime. Two middle schoolers are facing additional charges of interference with civil rights. Additionally, one of them was charged with witness interference.

Also, “several teens” who participated in the auction were reportedly suspended from school. One student can’t return for 45 days, while two more aren’t allowed to enter the school for 25 days.

The District Attorney met with state attorney general Andrea Campbell and others to brainstorm solutions. They aim to create a program to address and eliminate bullying and racism in classrooms.

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