It looks like smoking will no longer be allowed in New York City’s public housing.

According to ABC 7, on Monday the NYCHA and the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene launched the new smoke-free policy. The new rule blocks smoking in any New York City public housing apartment or building or within 25 feet of any of the buildings.

This new policy is a part of the city’s effort to create a healthier environment for New Yorkers that live in public housing. NYCHA says they’re also meeting the deadline that requires public housing nationwide to be smoke-free by this week.

Stanley Brezenoff, the NYCHA Interim Chair, and CEO said in a statement, “When we first learned of the new HUD rule requiring public housing to go smoke-free, we knew it was critical to engage our residents on the smoke-free conversation and what this will mean for their homes and public health overall in NYCHA communities. As a public housing landlord, we are required to implement a smoke-free policy, but we will continue to talk to residents and work with our partners – like the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene – to support programs city-wide that reduce exposure to secondhand smoke and expand access to resources for residents who want to quit smoking.”

Housing and Urban Development (HUD) proposed the new smoke-free policy 18 months ago, which requires 3,100 housing agencies nationwide to be smoke-free by July 30, 2018.

Families that live within NYCHA have reportedly received a notice of a planned lease change in January of 2018 and a lease addendum in Spring 2018.


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