Pastor Mike Todd Criticizes A Staff Member From The Pulpit

Social Media Labels Pastor Mike Todd “Petty” For Blasting A Staff Member For Resigning (Video)

Social media is criticizing Pastor Mike Todd for calling out a resigned staff member during his sermon.

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What Pastor Mike Todd Said

According to Atlanta Black Star, Todd also shared how he’s helped people who’ve turned on him and additional ways he’s been wronged.

From the pulpit, the pastor vented about losing a member of his staff at Transformation Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Todd addressed the departure and his subsequent emotions during a sermon about “enduring faith.”

“Another staff member just left. All they said was it’s because God called them somewhere else,'” he told church members.

The minister alleged the individual was not being honest about why they were leaving but gave more insight via social media.

“After six years you can’t even tell me the real reason but you do subliminal Instagram posts? I’m being too real up here. But this is real,” Pastor Todd said.

Todd Speaks On “Spit-Gate”

Additionally, Pastor Mike spoke about the controversial demonstration that led to him rubbing saliva on a church member. In 2022, he smeared spit in a man’s face to illustrate Jesus healing a blind man. It caused an uproar on social media at that time.

Todd stated that his “brothers” showed him screenshots of messages condemning his actions.

“People have basically written off every good thing I have done because of one thing that wasn’t a sin. It was just gross. It was just disgusting,” he said.

Todd then made a seemingly sexual reference. “But I can think of a lot of other things y’all do with spit too,” the church leader said.

Todd added that many people he helped in the past have become his opps.

People I’ve prayed for their children and gave them money personally when they houses were about to be foreclosed on,” Pastor Mike told his congregation. “Seeing them do podcasts on me, watching pastor friends that I built their conferences take me off the flyer. “I’m saying it’s alright now, but in the moment, I want to be real, it did not feel alright,” Todd admitted.

Social Media Weighed In On Pastor Todd’s Lip Service


Pastor Mike Todd and his wife, Natalie, continue to serve as lead pastors of Transformation Church, beginning in 2015. The pair have been married for approximately 14 years and share four children.

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