Social Media Praises Angela Simmons & Yo Gotti's Relationship

Social Media Praises Angela Simmons & Yo Gotti’s Relationship After Viral Interview Moment: ‘He Is Doing All The Right Things’

Social media users are explaining their reactions after Yo Gotti shared a sweet moment with his girlfriend, Angela Simmons, during a recent interview.

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Yo Gotti Appeared For A Recent Interview & Made A Kind Gesture To Girlfriend Angela Simmons

On Thursday, August 3, Power 106 Los Angeles published a video interview with rapper Yo Gotti. About 25 minutes into the 45-minute interview, the rapper received a phone call from his partner, Angela Simmons.

“I feel like it’s um —,” Yo Gotti said before trailing off as he picked up his phone.

Interviewer Justin Credible then told the rapper he was welcome to take the phone call.

“Yeah, what up?” the rapper said as he answered the call.

Simmons’ voice then appeared on the other end.

“I’m doing an interview right now,” he explained to her.

She replied, “Okay,” and the two hung up.

“That was shorty,” Yo Gotti told Justin Credible before showing off a huge smile.

Social Media Reacts

Social media users quickly stepped into The Shade Room’s comment section and shared mixed reactions to Gotti’s kind gesture. Some users applauded both the rapper and Simmons for their communication and respect for one another.

Instagram user @drathoven wrote.
“Real recognizes real! Not only did my boy answer the phone mid interview…when he told her he’s in an interview she said ‘ok’ then hung up. All about security (which he gave) and respect (which she gave) 💯🤘🏾”
User @reztothecity added.
“Also, notice how she believed him and left him to it. She didn’t ask multiple questions, embarrass him or nag him. She clearly respects and trusts him because he obviously makes her a priority and doesn’t leave any opportunities for her to create her own narratives. I love this for them! Hope we hear wedding bells soon! 😜”

Tamar Braxton even entered TSR comments, pointing to Gotti’s ear to ear smile.

“It’s the smile for me 🔥❤️ love this for her 🏆✨👑”
Instagram user @og.luvv added.
“BUT… ladies also realize she respected what he had going on and reciprocated the correct energy. Don’t ask for a Gotti if you can’t act like an Angela. ❤️”
Instagram user @_sierratairee wrote.
“I love it. He answered and she understood. That’s great communication.”
While user @tommie_salami exclaimed.
“Boyyyy after all he did to MANIFEST her he is doing all the right things to keep her!! They been my new favorite power couple!! 🙌🏾💜💜💜 Black love WINS”

While others seemed to shade commentators for their glorification of the couple’s relationship.

Instagram user @bamberthebambi wrote.

“The fact that everyone glorifying him just answering the phones shows that y’all be dealing with ain’t s**t guys is crazy 🤣🤦🏽‍♀️”

While user @eatabarbie added.
“It’s crazy out here cuz all he did was answer the phone fr🤣”
Instagram user @shaeemoney_ explained.
“Y’all are impressed too easily. That’s bare minimum behavior.”

A Look At Yo Gotti & Angela Simmons’ Romance Thus Far

Earlier this month, Simmons starred in Yo Gotti’s music video titled “The One.” On the track, he raps about his love interest explaining how she’s “the one” for him.

“Yeah, you give me butterflies in my stomach (You do), like we still in middle school
And you give me nervous vibes when I’m missin’ you, girl, I’m a gangster and you got me kissin’ you
First time, it was some s**t I’d never do (She the one)”

Last month, Simmons also starred as the love interest in Gotti’s music video for his single “No Fake Love.” On that track, the 42-year-old also showed off his affection for the business woman and former reality television star.

“In a Phantom with the hammer tucked (yeah), and I’m with Angela
I ain’t lost a crush since high school, I’m ‘Mr. Follow Up'”

As The Shade Room previously reported, in January, Simmons and Gotti were spotted at a Memphis Grizzlies and Cleveland Cavaliers basketball game in Gotti’s hometown of Memphis, Tennessee. At the time, Simmons shared her affection for the rapper.

Gotti and Simmons seemed to allude to their romance last year, after the two were spotting vacationing together.

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However, they ultimately confirmed their partnership by bringing in the new year together, as reported by The Shade Room.

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Roomies, are you happy to see that things are going well for the couple?


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