Social Media Users Are Making Their Profile Pictures Blue To Stand With Sudan

Social Media Users Are Making Their Profile Pictures Blue To Stand With Sudan

#Roommates, a wave of blue has been sweeping social media, as users stand in solidarity with #Sudan. Users on Twitter and Instagram are making their profile pictures blue to raise awareness about a Sudanese young man, who lost his life in protest.


People of Sudan have been involved in a peaceful sit-in protest to push the country away from dictatorship, and into a democratic rule. Unfortunately, things have not been so peaceful.


Mohamed Mattar, a 26-year-old engineer was fatally shot by the Rapid Support Forces militia group, as he was reportedly trying to help two women escape gunshots.


Using #BlueforSudan, users have chosen to honor Mohamed as a martyr to the cause. Blue was his favorite color, and now, people all over are paying tribute to him.


“The blue profile pictures alone make people inclined to read why so many of us are blue,” tweeted Sarah al-Amoudi. “There is minimal news coverage for a country that is bleeding.”

Since the uprising began, the Sudanese military has cut off all mobile data. The country is now in a “internet blackout”, leaving people with no way to communicate the horrors that are happening.


Currently, more than 1,000 fatalities and hundreds of injuries and arrests have been reported. Protestors are still fighting for a civilian-ruled government.


Although there has been a lot of turmoil, the Human Rights Watch of Sudan have reportedly stepped in to help. According to the Associated Press, the organization is urging authorities to restore internet access across the country.


“These shutdowns blatantly repress the rights of the people the military council claims it wants to have a dialogue with,” a representative from HRW said.


Stay with us as this story continues to develop, and keep Sudan in your thoughts and prayers!


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