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Sony Committed To “Take Appropriate Action” Amid Rumors Of ISIS Communicating Through PS4 Consoles

Sony has caught wind that their Playstation 4 models have been used by ISIS affiliates as a way of communicating and they are committed to tightening its customers’ security. Back in June, Quartz reports that an Austrian teen was arrested for downloading bomb plans onto his PS4 after it was discovered that the console was implicated into ISIS’s plans. We all know that you can send messages, use voice-chatting and communicate through different games, but terrorists have taken this technology to a whole different level!

In a debate last week, Belgian home affairs minister Jan Jambon argued that this form of communication is growing amongst terrorists. They warned that it would gain popularity because authorities have difficulty with monitoring its networks.

A rep from Sony told TMZ, “We are dedicated to checking behavior and we urge our users and partners to report activities that may be offensive, suspicious or illegal.” and says that they as well as their customers are “on the lookout”. They’re encouraging users to say something if they see or hear anything suspicious. The rep went on to say, “When we identify or are notified of such conduct and verify it, we are committed to reviewing it and taking appropriate action.”

Forbes reported that, “A member of the Islamic State group, also known as ISIS or ISIL, could convey an attack plan in Super Mario Maker’s coins and share it privately with another PS4 user. A player in Call Of Duty could shoot at a wall and write a disappearing message in bullets to another player,” all without saying a word!

Forbes went on to say authorities have been trying to combat against terrorists using the game system to communicate,

 “In 2010, the FBI pushed for access to all manner of Internet communications, including gaming chat systems. The FCC did not grant the FBI access to peer-to-peer communications, but the government agency did build its own rigs to record their communications in pursuit of criminals in organized chats, like a pedophile trying to lure kids via Xbox Live.”

It is also said that Playstation 4 is harder to track than WhatsApp,

“The point is that terrorists could simply be in a PSN party together and chatting away mostly free from the fear that anyone is listening because of the difficulty and infrequency of governments eavesdropping on those forms of communication. It remains unclear just how much access the government has gotten to places like PSN and Xbox Live in the past few years, but whatever it is, it’s likely still short of its ability to track more traditional forms of communication, such as cellphones and computers.”


Evil has become all too accessible, roommates. Please continue to keep the families of the victims in your thoughts and prayers.


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