Roommates, now y’all know it’s hard out here for Gir lScouts selling cookies in the cold. But this South Carolina man came to save the day when he told a group of girl scouts to pack up their table, and bought the remainder of their boxes of cookies.
Welp, unfortunately for the man identified as 46-year-old Detric Lee McGowan, this good deed came with consequences. After a Facebook post by troop leader Kayla Dillard went viral, McGowan was arrested at his home in Greenville.
According to Fox news, DEA agents had been investigating McGowan for six months prior to his short lived rise to internet fame. A source from the DEA told Fox that the incident was just a coincidence.
“McGowan used his story of buying $540 of Girl Scout cookies to falsely shine the spotlight on himself under the pretense of being a pillar in the community,” said Robert J. Murphy, the head of the DEA’s Atlanta field divison. “In reality, he is a pariah to the community.”
The viral Facebook post was shared over 9,000 times, and celebrated McGowan for initially purchasing seven boxes of cookies from the girls, who were set up outside of a Greenville store.
He gave the girls $40 and told them to keep the change. Later, he came back and purchased every box of cookies the girls had, adding up to a whopping $500.
“Pack up all of your cookies. I’m taking them all so y’all can get out of this cold,” McGowan told the girls.
Although he never gave the girls his name, the DEA was aware of who he was and of his history of drug dealing charges. He has been arrested six times prior and has served time in prison.
Special agent Murphy of the DEA says the streets of Greenville are much safer now that he has been arrested.
“Now that this defendant is behind bars, the Greenville community can celebrate the true heroes who work tirelessly to ensure their community is a safe place to raise families.”
McGowan has appeared in federal court and is facing drug and conspiracy charges.
Source: Fox News