Stacey Dash Made A Tearful 'Cocaine' Confession After Learning DMX Died 1 Year Ago

Stacey Dash Made A Tearful ‘Cocaine’ Confession After Learning DMX Died 1 Year Late, Sparking THESE Reactions

Stacey Dash was overcome with her emotions in a video she shared on TikTok Wednesday while making a revelation that set comment sections across the internet on fire.

The 46-year-old “Clueless” actress confessed in the clip that she has just learned that DMX had passed away, a whole year after his death.

“I’m ashamed. I didn’t know DMX died. I didn’t know from a cocaine overdose,” she said, pausing several times to control her emotions.

Dash then explained why she felt so deeply connected to DMX, who died from a cocaine-induced heart attack which cut off blood flow to his brain. The actress revealed she also experienced addiction, but has been sober for six years now.

“I am, today, six years and one month clean, and it breaks my heart. It breaks my heart that he lost to it. He lost. He lost to that demon…. Please, please don’t lose.”

DMX Realization Sparks Reactions On Twitter

The clip of Stacey weighing on on the death of DMX became a trending topic of Twitter almost immediate after it went up. People made “clueless” jokes about the star and chatted about how seemingly disconnected she is to the news cycle.

However, not all of the comments were negative, even if they were meant for laughs. Comedian Roy Wood Jr. defended the star on social media, writing:

To be fair, i’m pretty sure Stacey Dash‘s social media algorithm ain’t prioritizing rapper news. She prolly over there scroll through nothing but My Pillow ads and Herschel Walker sharpening crayons.

Stacey Dash Opened Up About Past Pill Addiction With Dr. Oz

This is the first time Dash has hinted at cocaine use, however it isn’t the first time she’s talked about her sobriety. In 2020, she appeared on The Dr. Oz and admitted to celebrating 5 years of sobriety after using “18-20 pills a day,” she said.

Claudia Jordan Weighs In On Stacey Dash

Actress Claudia Jordan tweeted about Dash’s video, sharing that she thinks the actress did know about DMX, but perhaps just found out his caused of death which triggered her to sob.

To be fair regarding this Stacey Dash/DMX thing—I’m thinking MAY BE she knew he died -but perhaps she JUST FOUND OUT the CAUSE of DEATH–that triggered her to cry since she’s had her own battles with drugs. That seems to make the most sense. Thoughts?

Claudia then commented on Dash’s looks, sharing the assumption that she lightened her skin.

And she’s hella light skinned these days. Where did that beautiful melanin go that she once had? I will NEVER understand wanting to be lighter than what God blessed your skin with! Give me all the sun!

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