Roommates, as we previously reported, Stacey Dash was arrested for allegedly assaulting her husband #JeffreyMarty in a domestic violence incident. Well, it looks like Stacey is now a free woman, as prosecutors have dropped the case.

According to The Blast, prosecutors notified the court they are no longer pursuing the criminal case against Stacey. The case status is now listed as closed.

Apparently, the entire thing was over a misunderstanding in the home, and Stacey’s husband did not want her to be arrested in the first place. He takes to Twitter to speak on the incident.

“Today, the State Attorney made he right call by declining to file charges against my wife, @staceydash. She was arrested over my objection at the time, but due to the pending investigation, I waited to comment until now. We both look forward to getting this behind us.”

Stacey was arrested this past weekend after Florida cops responded to a domestic violence call to her home. Authorities say she allegedly slapped and punched her husband. They also found scratches and marks on his body.

Since then, Stacy has plead not guilty to the charges, but spent 24 hours in jail.

She’s been making headlines all week in regards to her case, particularly, how she was identified in her arrest report. Authorities have since come forward to clarify the filing was a clerical error on part of one officer, who mistook Stacey as hispanic.

The 911 footage from the alleged incident also surfaced his week, in which Stacey claimed her husband put her in a chokehold. Despite prior reports, the 911 audio reveals Stacey is the one who actually called the police after she says her whole family was having an argument that turned physical.

“I’ve been assaulted by my husband,” she says. “We were all arguing, I asked his daughter to get out of my face, she was in my face. I pushed her back and he put me into a chokehold.”