#Seal went off on #Clueless actress #StaceyDash last week after she consigned a meme he reposted on Instagram. It alluded to Oprah knowing that #HarveyWeinstein had a history of sexual harassment and sexual assault. “Don’t try and use me as a pawn against Oprah, or any of your political games,” he said. “Stacey Dash, keep my name out of your mouth. Do not retweet [or] re-quote anything I said in order to reinforce your self-hating agenda. You live in the Sunken Place.”

In response, Dash wrote a very long piece for @AmericaNewsHub where she clapped back at Seal, shaded Oprah and, in her own way, tried to connect the dots between other high profile celebs who may have known about Weinstein as well. She began by likening the #MeToo movement to high school politics.

You know how there are popular kids, the not-so-popular kids and then everyone else in-between? Well, Dash claims that all of the “cool kids” like Oprah, #MerylStreep, #SethMcFarland and the rest of Hollywood’s elite knew about all of these sexual assault allegations and used their status to protect each other.

“I won’t walk back what I believe. Oprah the homecoming queen, prom queen and class president knew. Meryl, the high school drama star knew. Most of those women wearing black knew. The class clown, Seth McFarland knew. He joked about it a few years ago on the Oscars, Hollywood’s equivalent of the prom,” Dash writes.

“You know how I can say this? BECAUSE I KNEW. So how “clueless” am I? I knew enough when meeting Harvey Weinstein, to bring a male chaperone and it paid off as he did make a move on me. My chaperone blocked him and said, ‘Not this one.’ You can read all about it here. My chaperone knew.”

The actress continued, “As so many of my critics like to point out, aside from “Clueless” I am nobody. So how did this “nobody” know about Harvey Weinstein, and the popular, powerful mogul, Oprah Winfrey did not? How did the Oscar-laden “Iron Lady” Meryl Streep not know? Hollywood is one big, dark, John Hughes movie. Some of us sit with the regular kids. Some are the outsiders. However, the cool kids sit at the cool kids lunch table and they talk.”

“They talk a lot and they share their elite information among their members at that table. They know the deal. They know how it works and they know they have an image to uphold. From the popular crowd to the freaks and geeks, they all knew the faculty to avoid. Let’s just say right here, I am not judging nor am I condemning. I am simply doing the math and coming up with what appears to be an obvious answer. Occam’s Razor says the simplest answer is usually the correct one. I am writing this with Occam’s Razor.”

These are some very heavy accusations Stacey is making here! If you’re interested in reading her full rant, then check it out below!

My Open Letter to the Media and TMZ on the Oprah and Seal “Issue”

TSR STAFF: Talia O. @theclosetratchet on IG
Source: https://staceydash.americanewshub.com/2018/01/16/need-get-something-off-chest-oprah-weinstein-seal/