Stephen A. Smith Details His Battle With COVID: "I Had 103 Degrees Fever Every Night...Woke Up With Chills & A Pool Of Sweat" 

Stephen A. Smith Details His Battle With COVID: “I Had 103 Degrees Fever Every Night…Woke Up With Chills & A Pool Of Sweat” 

Monday marked Stephen A Smith’s return to “First Take” after he announced that he tested positive for COVID, towards the end of December. During his return, he shared with viewers what it was like during his personal battle with the virus.

During the show, Stephen described how bad his condition was and said, “I had 103-degree fever every night. Woke up with chills and a pool of sweat. Headaches were massive. Coughing profusely. And it got to a point where right before New Year’s Eve, I was in the hospital into New Year’s Day. That’s how I brought in the New Year.”

He continued to state that due to him being vaccinated, he was able to recover from his symptoms. “They told me, had I not been vaccinated, I wouldn’t be here. That’s how bad it was,” he said. Stephen shared that his liver went bad, and he had pneumonia in both of his lungs.

“It had ravaged me to the point where even now I have monitor my volume; get to the gym every day, walk before you run. Work your way back because I’m still not 100 percent with my lungs, but I’m COVID negative. I’m on the road to recovery,” he concluded.

Prior to contracting the virus, Stephen has voiced his opinion about being vaccinated as the debate about whether the vaccine is effective, continued to become a topic of discussion within sports.

As we previously reported, after it was revealed that Kyrie Irving would not be able to practice or play with his team [which has since been adjusted], due to his vaccination status, Stephen said, “Let me get this straight…. So you don’t have a problem with taking the vaccine? Your position is that you’re going to sit up there and compromise the championship aspirations of an organization you signed on to represent – you coaxed Kevin Durant into signing on to represent, you played a role in coaxing James Harden into signing on to represent? You’re going to compromise all that because you want to give a voice to the voiceless? Really?”



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