Steve Harvey Defends Marjorie Against Misconceptions

Social Media Applauds Steve Harvey For Defending Marjorie Against Misconceptions Regarding Their Marriage (Video)

Social media users are applauding Steve Harvey for his recent public defense of his wife Marjorie, and the misconceptions regarding their marriage.

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Steve Harvey Publicly Addresses Misconceptions About His Wife & His Previous Marriage

On Monday, footage surfaced of a recent airing of The Steve Harvey Morning Show. In the footage, Harvey spoke firmly about “the woman [he] married.”

“The woman I married is a good woman,” Harvey firmly said. “She’s God-fearing, she’s loyal, she’s faithful, and she’s a kind and loving person…”

Harvey then directly shot down the public’s misconception that Marjorie interfered in his previous marriage.

“And y’all, quit talking about she was in my other marriage, and she ruined it,” he continued. “She didn’t. She nowhere around that…”

The host and comedian went on to explain that his marriage to his second wife, Mary Lee Harvey, ended in divorce in 2005.

“My marriage was over when ‘The Kings of Comedy’ was out — [but] y’all didn’t know that, did you? It was over then [but] it took us this long to get to the divorce,” Harvey further explained.

The Host Explains That When He Met Marjorie, He “Had Nothing”

Harvey went on to explain that when he met Marjorie after his divorce, he “had nothing.”

“I lost the radio show… and I lost the only TV show I had,” he reflected. “Steve Harvey had no money.”

The comedian explained that he met Marjorie on New Year’s Eve, and they became a couple in 2006.

“We had nothing!” he asserted. “She didn’t marry into no lap of riches — I had nothing.”

Harvey explained that he proposed to Marjorie at the end of 2006. However, when she informed him she wanted to get married that next year, he explained that he felt he had to “get some stuff together” financially.

The host explained to Marjorie that he wanted to “build” himself back up before their marriage. However, Marjorie explained that she would “build” alongside him.

He continued by explaining that they married in 2007 and still “had nothing.” However, he explained, “That woman got down into that box hole with me and built this into something.”

In 2008, the host recounted another setback when the couple realized a former accountant “stole” his tax returns, and they “owed the government $22 million.”

“But then, guess what? She stayed with me in that,” he explained. “Then guess what? In 2009, I got ‘Family Feud.’ In 2009, the book came out. In 2012, the talk show came out. I’m telling you, this woman got in the hole and built this with me — she didn’t steal nothing!”

Harvey concluded his statements by explaining that Marjorie Harvey is one of the “best” women he’s ever met. Additionally, he explained he’s tired of the negative remarks and reports attempting to “destroy” their union.

“But don’t worry about it because it ain’t working,” he continued. “Because all we are now, we are a tighter two-hand circle… and you not ‘gon split us up and we not going nowhere and she is none of what you said she is and she’s the best chick I know…”

Social Media Reacts

Social media users quickly entered The Shade Room’s comment section to applaud Harvey’s firm defense of his wife.

Instagram user @msblingmiami wrote.
“This was so dope, I watched it twice! More of this please! 🙌🏽❤️”
Instagram user @nursewilliams_2.0 added.
“Now that’s how u ride for your spouse ‼️ he said what he said! If my husband don’t defend me like this baby I don’t want it ‼️”
Singer DVSN commented.
“Super important to find women like this …. And just as important to be a real man and stand for them against anything when the time comes! ➗”
While Instagram user @chythegreatest concluded.
“And that’s that on that! CLEARED Y’ALL👏🏾👏🏾”

Steve Harvey Recently Defended His Marriage To Marjorie

Harvey’s latest comments about his marriage arrive weeks after he previously had to defend his wife against cheating allegations, as per Complex. The outlet reports that in August, social media rumors surfaced accusing Marjorie of stepping out on her husband with a personal chef and bodyguard.

At the time, the comedian and host responded to the rumors by assuring the public that he and his wife were doing “fine.”


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