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Student Killed At Savannah State University Shooting 

 A shooting occurred at Savannah State University Thursday night that tragically left a student dead. 

Christopher Starks, 22, was from the Atlanta area and a Junior at the University. Police say he was at the student union building when he got into an altercation with someone that escalated to them pulling out a gun and shooting him.

He was rushed to the hospital but ended up succumbing to the gunshot wounds shortly after. 

When the school found out what happened, they immediately put the University on lock-down for an hour, checking the vehicles that left the campus and Id’s as students entered the campus.

The University issued a statement saying that all classes were going to be delayed Friday until 10am, also that grief counselors would be present for students.

The statement continued with: 

“The safety of those who live, study, work and visit Savannah State University remains a top priority – no exceptions, Savannah State University has zero tolerance for violence of any kind. If students are aware of the presence of weapons, please think and act responsibly to disclose such information to a member of the faculty, staff or administration, or other figure of authority.”

The shooter is still unknown and authorities are investigating on who the possible shooter was. 

Source Cited: Fox News

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