Suge Knight's Negligence Case Over Man He Allegedly Killed With His Truck Ends In A Mistrial

Suge Knight’s Negligence Case Over Man He Allegedly Killed With His Truck Ends In A Mistrial

It looks like Suge Knight has just been granted a rare legal victory, as the verdict has just come in regarding the deadly car crash he was involved in back in 2015 where he allegedly killed a man with his truck. Earlier today, a jury was unable to reach a unanimous agreement in the Suge Knight negligence case and formally declared a mistrial.

@RollingStone reports, jurors were officially deadlocked in the Suge Knight civil trial alleging that he was negligent for the death of Terry Carter when he ran him down with his truck following a verbal altercation. As a result of the jury’s inability to reach a verdict, the case has now ended in a mistrial, with a vote of seven to five in favor of believing that Suge was liable. Meanwhile, Terry Carter’s family has promised to bring the case back to court in the near future. Carter’s daughter Crystal told reporters “It’s unfortunate, but the jury worked very hard. It feels good to know we were the majority. We look forward to trying the case again to get victory for my dad. To get justice.”

Additionally, the Carter family’s attorney, Lance Behringer, added “We’re not deterred at all, and now we’re in a much better space to try this case again. Knight never sat for a deposition. There was no written discovery. When he testified for the first time during the trial, we had to respond on the spot. Now we have time to go through it. We know what their defense is for the first time.” The foreman of the jury spoke publicly about the intensity of deliberations, saying “It was intense. It was so intense, someone walked by the jury room and thought a real fight had broken out. There was yelling.” A few weeks ago on June 8th, Suge Knight testified for the very first time about the incident, stating that he feared for his life before running Carter down because of a previous altercation seconds earlier with a man identified as Sloan, who allegedly pointed a gun at him.

During his testimony, Suge Knight also hurled some very serious allegations at former friend and musical colleague Dr. Dre, who he says police told him had a contract out on his head to be killed—although he said he personally didn’t believe it. Furthermore, Suge revealed that he was suffering from PTSD when he hit Carter because he had been shot seven times a year earlier while at 1Oak nightclub.

The jury focused on that portion of the testimony, asking to view what Suge Knight said via official court transcripts. The jury also wanted to review a moment during his testimony “where he saw a canceled check on [the alleged] hit on him by Dre” and “also his testimony where he said he did not believe Dre put a hit out on him.”


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