T.I.'s 'Virginity Tests' On Daughter Ruled As Inadmissable Evidence

T.I.’s ‘Virginity Tests’ On Daughter Deyjah Harris Ruled As Inadmissable Evidence In Trial Against MGA Entertainment

A federal judge has issued a “key victory” in T.I. and Tiny Harris’ civil trial against MGA Entertainment. As reported by Rolling Stone, the trial will exclude the use of “virginity tests” initiated by the rapper on his daughter Deyjah Harris.

MGA Entertainment Recently Filed A Motion To Use The Tests As Evidence In The Trial

According to the outlet, MGA Entertainment filed a motion Thursday night. And “sought the court’s permission to show jurors” clips of “the family strife” that ensued after T.I. revealed that he took his daughter to the gynecologist to confirm that her hymen was still intact. The moments were recorded on the couple’s VH1 reality show T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle.

I say, ‘Look, Doc, she don’t ride no horses, she don’t ride no bike, she don’t play no sports. Just check the hymen, please, and give me back my results expeditiously.”

At the time, the rapper received major backlash from viewers. And he later explained that he was “joking,” adding that his comments were “misconstrued” by viewers.

The judge also ruled that the trial will exclude other evidence from the rapper’s personal life. This includes his “cannabis use.”

An MGA lawyer argued that the clips of both things be used in the trial. And added that the clips show why the company wouldn’t model their “L.O.L Surprise OMG” dolls after the family.

Opposing counsel has been able to play video after video after video, not only of the OMG Girlz, but also the entire family looking good, looking like the all-American family, and there are so many videos out there on social media, so many reasons that MGA would not like to make a doll line off these folks, that it’s just creating a misimpression for the jury.

U.S. District Court Judge James V. Selna denied the motion. And explained that the clips were aired after the L.O.L Surprise OMG dolls were launched. And added that videos of T.I.’s cannabis use would be “not relevant to any issue in this case.”

Selna’s latest decision comes after he “previously excluded evidence about T.I.’s criminal history.” According to Rolling Stone, the judge “wanted to avoid any ‘sliming’ of the parties involved in the civil case.”

More About The Harris’ Case Against MGA Entertainment

According to the outlet, the couple hasn’t put a figure amount on the monetary amount they are seeking. But they have explained that MGA has made “millions” from stealing the OMG Girlz “name, image & trade dress.”

Tiny Harris took the stand on Thursday and shared her thoughts regarding the similarities between the girl group and the dolls.

This doll is too familiar. The outfit for me is a big, big deal. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t the OMG brand, all the different coincidences, the outfit we created. This particular outfit was designed, created, handmade, if you will, for the girls’ tour… I’m merely stating that this brand was ripped off.

Jennifer Keller, a lawyer for MGA Entertainment responded.

This case is about greed. That’s what it’s about. It’s a shakedown.

T.I. is expected to take the stand sometime this week, as reported by Rolling Stone.


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