Tamar Braxton, James Wright Chanel On Chrisean Rock Assault

Tamar Braxton & James Wright Chanel Reveal Severity Of Alleged Assault By Chrisean Rock (Video)

Tamar Braxton and James Wright Chanel are speaking out after Chanel was allegedly assaulted by Chrisean Rock. As The Shade Room previously reported, the incident reportedly occurred on Friday, November 10, backstage at the singer’s concert.

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Tamar Braxton Breaks Her Silence & Addresses Chrisean Rock’s Assault On James Wright Chanel

As The Shade Room previously reported, assault allegations began to go public against Chrisean Rock on Saturday. James Wright Chanel, a member of Tamar Braxton’s team, took to Instagram Live to share that he was an “innocent bystander” and doesn’t know what is “wrong with people.”

In additional footage chronicled by The Shade Room, a witness to Rock’s alleged assault on Chanel alleged that the rapper was “upset” because she did not perform at Braxton’s concert Friday night.

Furthermore, the man alleged that Rock stormed into Braxton’s dressing room. There, she was allegedly told by members of Braxton’s team that they were unaware of her scheduled performance. However, Rock ultimately assaulted Chanel, leaving him with a chipped tooth and bloodied nose.

As the allegations went public, Rock took to Instagram Live to call them “false narratives” before deactivating all of her social media.

On Monday evening, Tamar Braxton broke her silence and addressed Rock’s claims that she was invited to perform at the singer’s concert.

“…I didn’t have an opening act because I knew my sister was coming at the beginning of the show,” Braxton explained, referencing her performance with her sister Toni. “And, you know, when you’re in different cities, you invite different people, and Chrisean was definitely someone I invited… I didn’t call her and say, ‘Oh, come on and perform at my show…'”

Ultimately, Braxton explained that she solely intended for Rock to take the stage for a fun impromptu “twerk-off.”

Furthermore, the “Love and War” singer seemed to confirm that the rapper assaulted Chanel.

“…I have to apologize to my team if my silence has made you all feel like I have not been supportive of you,” Braxton stated. “And I also want to acknowledge Chrisean, thank you for your presence… I did not want any of this to happen…”

Braxton captioned the video with, “Justice for James. 💔”

The Singer Follows Up On Her Statement As James Chanel Wright Goes Live

After Braxton shared her video statement on Instagram, the singer took to X, formerly known as Twitter. Braxton addressed those who alleged that she was “lying.”

“I’m tired y’all. I don’t know about this pt2 tour. We are all hurting and if I didn’t say anything I’m wrong. I said something & I’m lying. I’m tired. Meanwhile James is at the dentist getting new teeth. Y’all leave me alone. I was only trying to show CR [Chrisean Rock] love. I still think she needs hugs and real people…”

James Wright Chanel then took to Instagram Live, telling viewers to “Stop thinking that everybody’s lying.” Although Chanel did not show his face during the stream, he confirmed Braxton’s statement that he was at the dentist after visiting the hospital.

Additionally, Chanel reiterated that the alleged assault by Rock happened to him “for no reason.”

“…This happened to me for no reason. I was attacked for no reason,” Chanel explained. “…I am at the dentist right now; I have to get my teeth fixed… And no, I’m not going to show my face — my face is beat. If you guys seen my face, you would be pissed off. My face is… it’s tore up…”

Ultimately, Chanel told viewers, “Enough with the blaming of everybody else other than the person that did this.”

Social Media Reacts To Situation Between Tamar Braxton, James Wright Chanel & Chrisean

Social media users entered The Shade Room’s comment section to share their reactions to Chanel’s sentiments. Most encouraged the alleged victim to press charges against Chrisean Rock.

Instagram user @miamitip305 wrote.
“James Is coming for EVERY DOLLAR!”
While Instagram user @lexxandria_ added.
“You wanna help her PRESS CHARGES! She needs to learn that putting her hands on people is NOT okay! Then maybe next time she’ll think twice”

At this time, Chrisean Rock’s social media remains deactivated.

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