Tank Puts His Foot In His Mouth On Twitter! - "What Do Dark Skin Women Have Against Light Skin Women?"

Tank Puts His Foot In His Mouth On Twitter! – “What Do Dark Skin Women Have Against Light Skin Women?”

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Not too long ago, Singer Tank ranted on Twitter about losing the “Best Music Group Award” to Young Money at the BET Awards. If you missed it click here to catch up.

Now, he seems to be putting his foot in his mouth once again. Tank took to Twitter to ask the question, “What do dark skin women have against light skin women?” Tank apparently believes that dark skin women around the world have an issue with light skin women because of the “few” negative comments that he’s received from women of darker complexions every time he posts a picture of his baby mama Zena Foster on social media.

Now, in his defense…there are dark skin women that are insecure with their complexion and feel they have to bash every black man who chooses to date someone that doesn’t look like them. If you have an issue with who someone else is dating because of the color of their skin….then yes you have self-esteem issues and you should probably get that taken care of.

The problem we have is that he made a generalization about dark skin women which is false. There are many dark beauties that are content with the skin they are in and could care less! His generalization only further perpetuated stereotypes and stigmas surrounding our dark sistas!

He didn’t even apologize for making a general statement. He should have asked why there are “some” dark skin women that seem to be hung up over skin color!

At the end of the day black is beautiful regardless!

When people started coming for Tank on Twitter he decided to clap back with the fact that he was sponsored by a billion dollar company (Walmart).

Listen, nobody cares about Tank or his beard at all! At all!

See tweets below:

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