Yesterday we reported that popular podcaster Taxstone, real name, Daryl Campbell, was arrested on federal weapons possession charges from the May 2016 shooting that occurred at Irving Plaza in New York City.

Now more details about his arrest have emerged.

According to the New York Times, police believe they have found his DNA on the handgun that was used in the shooting. The shooting claimed the life of Ronald McPhatter, who was the bodyguard to rapper Troy Ave, who was also injured in the shooting.

Reports state that his DNA was found on “the trigger, hand grip and magazine of the 9-millimeter Kel-Tec semiautomatic handgun that was used in the shooting.”

The complaint states that Taxstone had the weapon before the shooting and videos show him entering the greenroom before the gunfire erupted, and then later fleeing the scene.

The complaint continues to state, “In front of him was the bodyguard, Ronald McPhatter. Behind Mr. Campbell was a person who is not named in the complaint, but who appears to be Troy Ave — whose real name is Roland Collins — based on earlier police accounts. Wounded in the legs, Mr. Collins was holding the Kel-Tec gun and firing it toward a fleeing Mr. Campbell.”



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