Teen Who Recorded George Floyd Video Testifies About Derek Chauvin’s Behavior—“He Just Stared At Us…He Had This Cold Look, Heartless...He Didn't Care"

Teen Who Recorded George Floyd Video Testifies About Derek Chauvin’s Behavior—“He Just Stared At Us…He Had This Cold Look, Heartless…He Didn’t Care”

#Roommates, as the trial of Derek Chauvin continues, the teenage witness who recorded the widely-circulated video of the final moments of George Floyd’s life, officially took the witness stand. 18-year-old Darnella Frazier (whose identity is being concealed in court because she was a minor at the time of the incident) gave her testimony and describes the tragic moments she witnessed when George Floyd begged for his life as Derek Chauvin proceeded to keep his knee on his neck for over eight minutes.

@CBSNews reports, following the opening statements earlier this week, the murder trial of Derek Chauvin continued, with recent testimony from the teenage witness who bravely captured the video seen around the world. Darnella Frazier described the scene of George Floyd’s murder through tears, as she detailed Derek Chauvin’s behavior when the crowd of bystanders shouted at him to stop kneeling on Floyd’s neck. “He just stared at us, looked at us — he had like this cold look, heartless. He didn’t care, it seemed as if he didn’t care what we were saying, it didn’t change anything he was doing,” she said. Frazier added that even as the crowd intensified its calls for Chauvin to stop he appeared to be “kneeling even harder.”

When she was further questioned about witnessing George Floyd’s final moments, Frazier went silent a few times fighting back tears and painfully described what she heard him say. “I heard George Floyd saying, ‘I can’t breathe, please, get off me, I can’t breathe.’ He cried for his mom. He was in pain. It seemed like he knew it was over for him. He was terrified. He was suffering. This was a cry for help, definitely,” she stated.

Additionally, she revealed that when Chauvin and officer Tou Tao realized she was recording them, they looked at her and put their hands on their mace—and move she said made her feel threatened. “I felt like I was in danger when he did that,” Frazier testified. “It rubbed me the wrong way. I didn’t understand why they would do that, what we did … to make them do that.”

Derek Chauvin’s trial continues tomorrow. Stay tuned for updates.


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