Tenant Charged With Murdering Landlord Over Eviction Notice

Tenant Accused Of Murdering, Dismembering Chicago Landlord Found In Freezer After Receiving Eviction Notice

A Chicago tenant is accused of murdering and dismembering her landlord, whose body was found inside a freezer at the home following a fight over an eviction notice, authorities say.

Sandra Kolalou, 36, has been charged with the murder of 69-year-old Frances Walker, who was reported missing by another resident on October 10.

Landlord Had Called Cops On Tenant “Many Times” Family Says, With Five Times In October Alone

Walker’s family told ABC7 that the landlord had called the cops on Kolalou “many times,” with records showing authorities responded to the home five times this month alone.

Walker’s niece acknowledged that Kolalou has “rights as a tenant,” but added “if you fear for your safety… the landlord should have rights (too).”

“They have rights as a tenant, but if you fear for your safety or have issues, the landlord should have rights not only as a landlord but as cohabiter of the domain,” niece Cory Walker said.

Walker’s niece went on to say that she felt law enforcement’s “hands were tied,” but that her death has “changed the trajectory of our lives.”

“I feel like their hands were tied or maybe there was something that could have been done differently. It’s changed the trajectory of our lives. It’s leaving such a hole.”

A Contentious Relationship Between Landlord, Tenant, Culminating In Screaming Match On Night Of Murder

On Wednesday, a prosecutor at Kolalou’s bond hearing noted that she had a contentious relationship with Walker, with things escalating into a screaming match on the night of the murder, authorities say.

Law enforcement also confirmed that Walker had placed an eviction notice on Kolalou’s door the day before her death.

“That very well could possibly be what escalated this into the defendant becoming extremely angry and committing this horrific act,” Chicago Police Chief of Detectives Brendan Deenihan told ABC7 at the time.

Kolalou is also charged with concealing a homicidal death as well aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and is currently being held without bail, according to the outlet.

The New York Post reported that earlier this year, Kolalou had previously been charged with battery to cause bodily harm.

Meanwhile, a Facebook fundraiser has been organized by Walker’s family to cover cremation and funeral expenses, which will take place on Saturday.

Landlord Survived By Husband, Facebook Fundraiser Set Up For Funeral, Cremation Expenses

Walker is survived by her husband, a Bulgarian immigrant, as well as a number of siblings and extended family, according to the Post.

She played organ at the Queen of the Apostles Parish for over 20 years, the church’s music director told ABC7.

“[Walker] was always very kind and very helpful, she always came in with joy in her heart and she was happy to be on the organ,” Stuart Thompson, the music director at Queen of the Apostles Parish, told ABC7.

A neighbor added that the neighborhood has not been the same since news of Walker’s death broke.

“It’s really devastating, like I even had a hard time coming home last night. I stayed at my friend’s house. I felt safer with his parents and stuff,” Raymond Truong said.

Kolalou is scheduled to be back in court on October 31, the Post reports.


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