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Terry Crews Reveals His Abusive Childhood Led To His Well-Known Physical Appearance & Fitness Journey

Terry Crews recently opened up about the connection between his well-known physical appearance and his abusive childhood. The actor appeared on Monday’s episode of the show ‘Running Wild with Bear Grylls’ on National Geographic. When questioned about his fitness journey, Terry ultimately revealed that “growing up was not a good experience” for him.

“My father was very abusive,” Terry said. “He used to beat my mother. So it was one of those things where I knew I would have to get stronger because one day I thought I’d have to fight him. That’s how it started out,” Terry continued.

The childhood conversation took place between Terry and the show’s host, Bear Grylls, while they explored the Icelandic Highlands. Bear followed up on Terry’s reveal by asking what age Terry felt this way. Terry answered that his thought process began at around age five.

“I always, always had been like, ‘Be fit, be ready, be prepared, be there,'” Terry recalled. “But even then, it’s hard, because certain things did trip me up that I had to get over.”

Prior to the reveal, Bear initiated the topic by asking Terry how he keeps fit.

“After my time in the NFL, one thing I noticed is that if you make everything sports-specific, all of sudden, when the sport is over, guys just waste away,” Terry responded to Bear. “You’ve got to understand, there was a time in my life where I got overweight because I was depressed. I’m depressed, I need something, I need a change, I need to go to the gym 21 days straight. That 21-day period turned into 21 years,” Terry continued.

Bear then said “so you’re not naturally like that, you you…” and made a weightlifting gesture with his fists closed. At this point, Terry interrupted Bear and said he was “naturally wanting more” before jumping into the abusive childhood details shared above.

The ‘America’s Got Talent’ host has maintained an open book demeanor throughout the last 20 years of his career. In 2016, Terry shared a video speaking on his addiction to porn that started at age 12. He shared that the addiction took over his life, led him to rehab and compromised his marriage.

The following year Terry joined the #MeToo movement by sharing his personal experience with sexual assault. A Hollywood agent named Adam Venit had groped Terry’s private parts at a party. Both parties settled a lawsuit regarding the incident in 2018.

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