Texas Mother Arrested After Forcing All Three of Her Kids Into Getting Tattoos!

Texas Mother Arrested After Forcing All Three of Her Kids Into Getting Tattoos!

What would you do if you walked into a tattoo parlor and saw three kids under the age of 13 about to get tatted? Well this mother thinks she knows best, after forcing her children into this mess and now she’ll have to face the consequences!


According to New York Daily News, 31-year-old Ashley Weir of Texas, faces three years in prison under three counts,  once the father of the children found out what the mother was unlawfully doing to their babies.


In the process of the kids getting tattoos of a cross, an infinity symbol with a cross and a heart with an arrow on their ankles, Weir warned her children “not to whine or cry,” according to an affidavit from Largo Vista Police.


It is not specified where the tattooing was taken place, but the circumstance of this matter get’s even worse. The children were found unattended at their home and Weir was found “passed out drunk,” according to San Antonio Express-News.


The Children were reportedly being tattooed by Weir’s boyfriend’s 21-year-old brother who has a recent history of sex-related crimes towards minors.


The 21-year-old sex offender is on the Texas Department of Public Safety’s registry during 2012 for sexual conduct on a 12-year-old, and in 2013 for exposing himself to a 13-year-old.


If this story isn’t insane than I don’t know what is. Hopefully the mother will not receive custody in the best interest for her children.



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