Thailand Police Say Groom Killed His Bride, Her Mother And Sister At Wedding Reception

A popular para-athlete in Thailand recently died by self-harm after killing four people at his wedding reception. The groom shot his bride, her mother and sister, and another guest before turning the weapon on himself, per CBS News and Bangkok Post.

Local police are still investigating what led to the mass shooting. However, they confirmed that Chaturong Susuk, 29, shot Kanchana Pachunthuek following an argument.

“They had an argument on private matters, and Chaturong walked to his car and picked up a gun before shooting,” said Nakhon Ratchasima province police officer, Matichon Wongbaokul.

Susuk shot the bride first before firing at her 62-year-old mother Kingthong Klajoho, and 38-year-old sister Kornipa Manato, per Bangkok Post.

A stray bullet reportedly hit and killed 50-year-old wedding guest Thong Nonkhunthod.

Thailand Police Say Groom Was Drunk Prior To Mass Shooting At Wedding

Police still haven’t nailed a motivation behind the groom’s actions. However, premeditated murder might be off the table as the investigation continues. So far, police have discovered that the groom purchased the weapon and ammunition he used legally last year.

The deceased couple lived together for about three years before they wed.

According to BBC Chaturong, Susuk “was quite intoxicated at the time” of the shooting. Wedding guests also reportedly told local police that the groom and his bride argued during the celebration.

Though it’s unclear if the argument was about their age gap, guests told police Susuk felt insecure about it. His bride was reportedly 15 years older than him. At this time, though, those insecure feelings remain speculation without police-backed evidence.

Still, local police reportedly expect to close the case out soon, per BBC.

As for the groom, CBS reports that Chaturong Susuk was a pro-swimmer and two-time ASEAN Para Games silver medalist. He reportedly lost his right leg while on duty with the paramilitary, tasked with patrolling the country’s borders.

No word on why the groom also targeted his bride’s relatives.

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