#MeghanMarkle’s friends out here putting everyone else’s to shame.

#SerenaWilliams and other close friends of the #DuchessOfSussex took care of the bill for her $200,000 lavish baby shower in #NewYorkCity. Meanwhile, my friends don’t even help put in for the tip at brunch.

Meghan had her royal baby shower at The Mark hotel with close friends including Serena, #AmalClooney and her former co-star #AbigailSpencer. According to a new report, Serena paid for the $75,000-a-night penthouse suite that the baby shower was held in, which coincidentally is also the largest hotel penthouse suite in the country, reports @vanityfair.

Like a true friend, Serena also reportedly organized the whole thang. And this wasn’t your ordinary baby shower with your traditional games, these ladies were doing things like having a flower arranging lesson and enjoying a multi-dessert meal by the hotel’s head chef.

The swanky penthouse suite is spread over two floors and has five bedrooms, four fire places, six bathrooms, and two powder rooms. The suite also overlooks Central Park.

Those close to Meghan point out that the baby shower is just another way of her showing that she plans to do her thing, whether it’s considered royal or not.

“As an American, she was very excited to have a baby shower thrown for her. I think she’d have felt she was missing out if she didn’t have one,” says a source. “It’s been such a fun time for her, she is with her oldest friends in the city she loves and really enjoying herself.”

Meghan sure knows how to do everything in style though, including travel. She flew out to the U.S. on a private jet, which is estimated to have cost more than $100,000. However, the plane belongs to one of Meghan’s close friends in Toronto, and was covered as a present for Meghan.

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