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The CDC Reports That One In Four Americans Are Now Fully Vaccinated For COVID-19

#Roommates, as the U.S. continues its efforts to ensure that all citizens have access to the COVID-19 vaccine, an important milestone was just reached regarding vaccination. According to the Centers For Disease Control, one in four Americans are now fully vaccinated—which translates to around 25% of the U.S. population.

@NBCNews reports, based on the latest data results from the CDC, more Americans are now fully vaccinated than initially anticipated. New information reveals that roughly 25% of Americans are fully vaccinated—just three months after President Joe Biden took office and promised to increase the efforts. The data from the CDC also shared that 40 % of adults and 75% of senior citizens have received at least one of the two required COVID-19 vaccination shots.

As for which states have the highest vaccination numbers, well there are three that are leading the way. New Mexico, South Dakota and Alaska all have reportedly surpassed the national average, with 30% of their adult populations now being fully vaccinated. Meanwhile, states such as California and Illinois have decided to wait to adjust their reopening plans by observing the success of the vaccine. Then, those states will determine if large gatherings are once again safe to attend after being prohibited since last year.

You’ll recall that the initial vaccination process began back in December when Pfizer and BioNTech were granted emergency authorization for their vaccines. Shortly after, other medical companies (including Moderna and Johnson & Johnson) further increased their own vaccination efforts.

Earlier this week, President Biden announced that by April 19th U.S. states should make all adults eligible to receive the vaccine.


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