The Department Of Homeland Security Set Up A Fake University Where ICE Has Arrested Almost 250 Foreign Students

The Department Of Homeland Security Set Up A Fake University Where ICE Has Arrested Almost 250 Foreign Students

Roommates, the Department of Homeland Security is pulling out all of the stops to take undocumented U.S. citizens into custody. One of the latest stunts involves the creation of a fake university in metro Detroit.

According to USA Today, DHS set up the school known as Farmington University back in January, and has been taking students into custody since it was created. The number of students arrested has reportedly grown to 250.

Apparently, federal ICE agents strategically enticed foreign-born students, mostly from India, to attend the school. The school markets itself to offer graduate degree programs in technology and computer studies, according to ICE officials.

Many of the students have reportedly been deported, and others are fighting their removals from the university and the country. One student has reportedly been allowed to stay after being granted lawful permanent resident status by an immigration judge.

The students arrived legally in the United States on student visas, but since the University of Farmington was later revealed to be a ploy by ICE agents, they lost their immigration status after it was shut down in January.

The school was reportedly staffed with undercover agents posing as university officials.

The Detroit office of ICE’s Homeland Security Investigations put out a statement saying out of the 250 students arrested on administrative charges, “nearly 80% were granted voluntary departure and departed the United States.”

Out of the remaining 20%, about half of the students have received a final order of removal, some were ordered to be removed by an immigration judge, and others “were given an expedited removal by U.S. Customs and Border Protection,” according to HSI Detroit.

The remaining 10% have reportedly “either filed for some sort of relief or are contesting their removals with Executive Office for Immigration Review.”

So far, even of the eight university recruiters were criminally charged with trying to recruit students, and have plead guilty and even sentenced in Detroit.


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