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The Game Facing Possible Arrest Over Radio Threat 


That awkward moment the cops are looking for you because of a radio threat! 

NYPD are now involved in a Game Vs. D.J. Star feud. 
So apparently The Game paid a visit to The Breakfast Club where he opened a whole new can of trouble for himself. He addressed his feud with D.J. Star through a threat over Star’s feud with DJ Envy, who happens to be a close friend of The Game. 
“I told him, ‘I’ll break your jaw, dude.’ Envy is my dog. I’m still gonna break his jaw when I see him,” he said. 
But according to Star, Game is just salty he didn’t let him on his show (SHOT97) which is also on 105.1, like TBC. He is the one who allegedly told Police about the threats. 
Star penned his response via his blog: “I passed on letting Game come on my show, and that’s what Game’s tight about. The fact the hater, Star, rejected him….I just felt the Game was a f—-n hothead.” 
Cops plan to arrest The Game over his comments.  
Although the Star vs. Envy beef is quite old, apparently something about it has The Game’s feathers all ruffled. 
Hopefully this will all blow over soon and The Game can keep his freedom. 
Source: BOSSIP,
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