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The Mother Of Ceaser Emanuel’s Daughter Retains Attorney Following Defamation Case Amid Child Abuse Allegations

The saga continues! Roommates, the mother of Ceaser Emanuel’s daughter, Crystal Torres, has retained an attorney to represent her after Ceaser and his lawyer had a press release regarding the alleged defamation lawsuit against her. Crystal shared a letter from her attorney, who is speaking out against the statements made at the press conference. Her attorney claims the statements were in direct violation of a current family court judgement.

As we recently reported, Crystal alleges that Ceaser served their daughter Cheyenne, as well as the Dept. of Child Protective Services, with a cease and desist to prevent them from speaking about the incident. In addition, Crystal’s attorney alleges Ceaser’s actions have caused severe mental and emotional distress on Cheyenne. Her legal team isn’t backing down as they are prepared to fight and have filed a motion of contempt against Ceasar’s legal team.


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Crystal hasn’t stopped calling Ceaser out. She made another post sharing more paperwork and Cheyenne, who has been very vocal on her platform, reposted it on her Instagram as well. She recently shared a message on her story calling Ceaser out. She wrote that she would never be able to make amends with him or break bread. She said that her father was dead to her and called him a clown.

Although it doesn’t seem like she is interested in making amends, Ceaser wants to put this behind them. During the press conference Thursday, he advised that his main goal is to clear his name and repair his relationship with his daughter, noting that he “would do anything” to get back into a good place with her.

No further comments have been made from Ceaser since Crystal’s new post, but we will keep y’all updated if he responds!

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