Today marks two years since the tragic shooting that took place in a Charleston church, which claimed the lives of nine people.

Chris Singleton, the son of one of the victims, continues to mourn the loss of his mother, Sharonda Coleman-Singleton. However, he is also celebrating as he was recently drafted to play for the Chicago Cubs.

According to ESPN, Singleton was selected on Day 3 of the Major League Baseball Draft, with the final pick of the 19th round to the Chicago Cubs. Singleton just finished his junior year at Charleston Southern, ending his season with 18 steals, 38 runs scored, 10 doubles and four home runs.

Singleton said, “It’s a lot of God and a little bit of me right now. It’s timing itself up perfectly in my eyes, so it’s really a blessing.”

Singleton’s mother, Sharonda Coleman-Singleton was at bible study at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in downtown Charleston, South Carolina, when Dylann Roof, took her life, along with eight others.

Singleton was cleaning pools on Wednesday when he received the news that he had been drafted. He and a friend started, Moore Clean Pools to support their families after his father passed away back in February.

Singleton said, “I was doing one of the pools when my phone rang. My heart dropped a little bit. I answered the phone and it’s been surreal ever since.”

He also talked about making his mother happy, “It’s not really a sad thought at all. It’s more of a happy thought. I always say I don’t want to let my mom down, and today I think I’m definitely not doing that.”

Congrats to Chris Singleton!