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The Weeknd Talks Drugs, Sex, Working With Drake & More With Rolling Stone

Even with all of his success he has had with his music, it’s pretty safe to say that we don’t really know too much about The Weeknd. Well thanks to Rolling Stone Magazine, we learned a bit more about the R&B singer.
Abel Tesfaye talked all things Weeknd-ish from sex, drugs, Drake, and even his one hell of a life prior to his popularity. However before even getting into all of the juicy details about his crazy past  “The Hills” singer talked about early on insecurities he faced while just beginning his career.
“I was everything an R&B singer wasn’t, I wasn’t in shape. I wasn’t a pretty boy. I was awkward as fuck. I didn’t like the way I looked in pictures.” 

He also talked about how he was able to capture the attention of Drake, which of course contributed to his popularity. 
He and his team uploaded three tracks to YouTube and started spamming everyone that they knew to get the music out there. Eventually it captured the attention of Drake’s manager Oliver El-Khatib and he posted it to OVO’s blog. Crazy enough he did say that Drake wasn’t always onboard with his music, “Apparently, Drake wasn’t even fucking with it at first, Oliver was the one vouching for me.” Needless to say Drake eventually came around as The Weeknd was featured on his 2011 album Take Care. 
Also in the interview, The Weeknd also reminisced on when he lost his virginity at the age of 16. He attended a toga party with a friend and met a girl where he told her he was a student at the nearest college. Unfortunately, it wasn’t what he expected… Just like any other lost virginity story but anyways, “It was the worst experience of my life. Losing your virginity to an older woman sounds good, but it was kinda like, ‘Oh shit, it’s done?'”
Maybe one of the most vulnerable parts of the interview included him reflecting on his drug addiction from 2008-2010 and being homeless at one point. He said, “I have this lyric that goes, ‘I’m not scared of the fall/I’ve felt the ground before.’ And in this industry, I’m not really scared of failing, because I already know what it means to be on the ground.”

The Weeknd also opened up about being hesitant to do interviews early on in his career and his relationship with 18-year old girlfriend Bella Hadid, catch the rest of the interview over at Rolling Stone!
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