As Trump is nearing closer to the reality of impeachment, apparently, he still has support from those who are fans of his leadership, specifically the Young Black Leadership Summit, whose members recently publicly pledged their support for him.

As reported by The Guardian, over 200 African American students and young professionals from the Young Black Leadership Summit gathered together late last week to sing the praises of Trump and according to their perception, all of the great things he’s done for the black community. One of the students in question, stated that he “loved Donald J. Trump” and that “he has done so much for the black community.”

The event was organized by the pro-Trump organization Turning Point USA. There, Trump praised the leaders, specifically Republican Candace Owens, who regularly tweets her displeasure for Democrats and frequently refers to the media as racist.

Bestowing Owens with praise, he said:

“I saw this woman on television I said, ‘Man, I don’t want to mess with her. She’s tough. She’s tough.’ Now, I’m not allowed to say it, you know that. I’m not allowed to say it anymore, but she’s also beautiful. It’s true. Under the #MeToo generation we’re not allowed to say it. So, all of you young brilliant guys, never, ever call a woman beautiful, please. You’re not allowed to do it and I’ve kept doing it and I’ve never been told by that woman never to do it.”

Despite members of the Young Black Leadership Summit declaring all of the things they claim Trump has done for the black community, it should be noted that his approval rating among black voters stands at a paltry 10%.

It seems that both Trump and members of the summit have their facts and details way off.


Roommates, what are your thoughts on this?