Twitter Users Share Real Life Stories Than Sound More Like Movie Plots

This Twitter Thread Has Folks Sharing Experiences That Sound More Like Movie Plots Than Real Life

A viral tweet has folks spilling on real-life experiences that sound like a synopsis of a Hollywood hit! One user, @AMythicWitch, challenged folks on Twitter to “tell us a true story from your life that sounds made up” on August 29.

As a result, hundreds of people delivered stories. In fact, by the time TSR published this story, users had left over 4,000 comments and quote-tweeted the post more than 16,000 times!

@AMythicWitch previously asked her followers the same question in December 2021 and May. But here are six stories that stood out in August’s Twitter thread.

A Killer Who Gives Warnings

Twitter user @sivbreak had luck, faith, or just downright familiarity on his side when he ran into a killer who spared him with a warning.

“First time I was ever out past 8 pm, I ran into my friend’s grandfather on my way home,” @sivbreak tweeted. “He warned me about being out late, saying people are being killed out there. Woke up the next morning to the news that he had been arrested for murder.”

@sivbreak didn’t offer additional details, like names or dates, but he teased another piece of information in a separate tweet. He wrote, “the motive behind the murder was even wilder, but it’s none of my business.” 

A Reincarnated Grandpa?

Meanwhile, Twitter user @_decentphil had a softer yet tragic story involving their grandfather. @_decentphil told about his younger brother, whose birth echoed the grandpa’s death.

“Grandpa said he would come back to life only after his mum was late. He died years back (4 p.m., January 15th) of a bike accident that left a scar on the left side of his head. My kid bro was born years late, at 4 p.m., January 15th, and with the exact same scar on the same spot,” @_decentphil tweeted.

For curious peepers, @_decentphil shared a throwback photo of his brother. And in another response to a comment, @_decentphil said his brother “has been wise from birth, talks and acts old.” 

A New York Love Story Since Birth

Unlike most tales, user Emily C. Singer (@CahnEmily) shared one centered on love. In truth, the short story is a romantic comedy waiting to happen. Someone get Rachel McAdams on the line!

“My husband and I lived in the same Manhatten apartment building as babies, two floors apart, but our parents never met and weren’t friends,” Emily tweeted. “My husband and I finally met 23 years later at a New Year’s Eve party.”


A Thief Looking Out For Two Futures

Twitter user @fabianthafirst_ shared a story about being a victim of a robbery. But the thief did a partial return instead of taking the user for everything he had. The robber’s intentions? Looking out for both their futures.

“The man that robbed me at gunpoint said he was doing me a favor by taking my phone & giving me the SIM cards back cause he felt I looked like someone that had a bright future,” @fabianthafirst_ tweeted. “& that he hopes to meet me in future & remind me of his ‘favor’ to me so I can help him in life.”

Group Dinner With Blood On Ya Hands

Twitter user @DPMCanty enjoyed a cozy dinner with her best friend and a man. Afterward, she learned the experience was more of an alibi for the married killer.

“A man used dinner with me and my bestie as an alibi for a murder he committed,” @DPMCanty wrote. “To be clear, he brutally killed a woman, then came and had a cozy dinner with us. I found out about the murder AND his wife, kids in another state when detectives came by.”

@DPMCanty shared additional story details and links to prove her tale is not tall. The “clean-cut, quiet man,” described by @DPM Canty, is named Blaine Norris. Blaine strangled Randi Trimble with an extension cord and stabbed her 27 times in her garage on January 10, 2003, per NBC News.

Blaine’s friend Brian Trimble had agreed to pay Blaine $20,000 for the murder–about the amount Blaine owed in debt from filming an indie horror movie. Blaine later confessed to the crime, and prosecutors gave him life without parole in a plea deal.

To Catch A Pedophile Rob A Home 

Last but not least is Matthew Hahn’s (@hagnscratch) story. Unlike the previous tales, Matthew started as a criminal in his–only to discover another crime during the robbery.

“I once burgled a home & stole a safe. I cracked the safe & discovered photos of the owner molesting a child,” Matthew wrote. “He reported the burglary to police. I turned the photos in. The cops called him in to discuss the burglary. He confessed. We both went to prison.”

Matthew was sentenced to 14 years in the United States, while the child molester received 30 years. He’s told the story several times through the years.


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