This Woman Paid Off Her Husband's Student Loans As A Christmas Gift

This Woman Paid Off Her Husband’s Student Loans As A Christmas Gift

Jayla B., a social media influencer, received viral attention over the holiday weekend for the Christmas gift she gave her husband Anthony. The wife and mama of two gifted him peace of mind as we enter the new year. He won’t have to worry about Joe Biden’s student loan resolutions or Sallie Mae blowing up his phone ever again! Our good sis Jayla hooked her hubby up and wiped clean his student loan debt.

Thankfully for us romance lovers, Jayla filmed the exact moment Anthony discovered his present. He’s seen removing a pair of house slippers that read “DEBT FREE” from a gift bag. After he reads the words out loud, Jayla responds “yeah, I want you walking around debt free.” Then, she hands Anthony a cell phone with an audio recording of her paying off his loans. When he finally realizes what’s happening, Anthony buries his face in his hand—obviously overcome with emotion. Afterwards, he smiles and stands up to embrace his wife before the camera cuts off.


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In her post caption, Jayla explained that the couple analyzed their finances and debts at the top of 2021. From there, they made plans and adjustments to move closer to being debt free. She clarified that Anthony had always described his loans as “a dark cloud hovering over him and now his family.”

Jayla praised his hardworking efforts, especially with Covid-19 causing work interruptions. She also wrote that Anthony didn’t make her “feel bad” when she expressed wanting to stay at home with their children. Instead, Anthony picked up a second job to support the family.

“Fast forward to today where I can finally thank him for it all and grant the desire of his, and mine,” Jayla wrote. “As we had been chipping away at it, he didn’t know I had been saving for this very moment all year. You are student debt free baby and we are a step closer to being a debt free family! I love you!”

Jayla’s thoughtfulness quickly received praised on The Shade Room. By Monday night, the loan post had racked up more than 15,500 comments. Jayla stepped into the comment section to show gratitude for the post and to continue bragging on her bae!

“Thank you for sharing!!! He is everything and then some as a husband, father and life partner,” Jayla wrote. “We are so blessed and ALL glory goes to God not me!!! Joe Biden definitely needs to forgive student loans but Sallie Mae doesn’t know him.”

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