TikTok Creator's "Pink Sauce" Condiment Sparks Controversy, Goes Viral

TikTok Creator’s “Pink Sauce” Condiment Sparks Controversy, Goes Viral: But What Is It Exactly?

A Tik Tok creator’s “pink sauce” condiment is turning heads on social media, and not everyone is on board with the idea.

Chef Pii, as she’s known on the platform, has been selling the sauce for less than a month now, but interest in the bizarre condiment has piqued online, especially after she posted a TikTok video of her making it in her kitchen. Interest about the homemade marinade has even grown on Twitter.

What does it taste like? How does she make it? Enough people wanted to know, as the video received 6.4 million views as of Thursday.

Pie said the sauce was created by the very platform from which it went viral.

“TikTok created the pink sauce,” Pii told The New York Post.

Pink Sauce Goes Viral On TikTok, Receives Backlash On Social Media

A backlash against the concept was immediately apparent, with some users picking out labeling errors on the packaging.



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“There are so many errors on this nutritional label, saying 444 servings, which is 14.4 grams [per serving],” user @seansvv stated. “Which makes almost 6,300-something grams in the whole bottle, which is inaccurate. And if these small details were overlooked, I’m looking at quality control now. I’m kind of scared.”

Pie told the New York Post that the errors were simply a graphic design mistake and will be corrected.


Color Comes From Dragon Fruit, The Sauces Main Ingredient

The TikToker revealed that the sauce’s pink color comes from its main ingredient, dragon fruit. The rest of the condiment is made up of sunflower oil see, white vinegar, garlic, milk, raw honey, salt, dried chili, citric acid and lemon juice, per the bottle’s label.

Others noted a lack of consistency, saying that batches of the sauce appear to be different shades of pink.


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The mother of two told The Post that the issue is likely a result of the dragon fruit she’s using at any given time, and the fact that customers expect the sauce to look identical to the one used in her viral video.

Another concern potential customers pointed out is the fact that the sauce most likely needs to be refrigerated, a fact not printed on the sauce’s label.

However, Pii maintains that the sauce is perfectly safe to use without refrigerating.

“We did a test on them. They sat out for over 30 days. And they were absolutely fine.”


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Tastes “Sweet, Tangy, A Bit Spicy,” Others Say It’s Similar To Ranch

A few of those brave enough to order the sauce say the bottle actually exploded in the packaging during delivery. to which Pii says she’s issued refunds and has since switched mail carriers.

She described the sauce’s taste as “sweet, tangy and a little bit spicy,” with others saying it tastes similar to ranch dressing. Pii became an avid fan of dragon fruit after using it to treat anxiety, of which the fruit is known for.

On June 25, she did a pre-sale of just 100 units before opening for orders July 1, according to The Post.


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