Tiny Claps Back At Claudia Jordan For ROASTING Her In Old Video - "She's MAD I have A Man!"

Tiny Claps Back At Claudia Jordan For ROASTING Her In Old Video – “She’s MAD I have A Man!”

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Get into this TEA right now. This will definitely be good! Seven or eight years ago on the Jamie Foxx “Foxxhole” Radio show, Claudia Jordan of RHOA made some HORRIBLE comments about Tameka “Tiny” Harris. She was one of a couple of radio personalities that joked about Tiny  looking like a pig, having down syndrome, and being “unattractive”. It was a five minute brutal roast session that you can watch below. The conversation started when Claudia began sharing her commentary on one of the hottest stories at the time: T.I. Was Released On 3 Million Dollar Bond & Remains On House Arrest. 


By now we all know that Claudia is slick at the mouth. Here’s what she said:

Is anybody else concerned about the fact that he’s willing to pay 3 million dollars just to be in a house alone with Tiny? I’m just saying….

she escaped the pretty line…..

I wouldn’t know whether to lube up or put a nickel in her back….

None of y’all would (bleep) her, be honest. At least not from the front.

The video is hard to listen to and it came back to bite Claudia in the a**.

Claudia issued an apology on the Ricky Smiley Morning Show. She announced on Twitter that she had “butterflies in [her] stomach about this apology” but admitted that Tiny deserved it. Claudia says she “used very bad judgement and [she’s] happy to say sorry.”


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The ladies have been seen on the scene together and seemed to be cordial with each other. Tiny got wind of the video via Twitter username: @boxtopchevy and ripped Claudia to shreds. She said:

I saved that h** from her face falling off! Passed around s***! Sound like she mad I got a man and she can’t keep one.”


Listen, we are bloggers so you know we believe in freedom of speech. However, we would never go in on someone the way Claudia Jordan went in on Tiny. It was a five minute roast session that was very insensitive and hurtful. Claudia needs to fade back to black and go back into oblivion where came from. She’s clearly thirsty and willing to say anything and everything to be relevant. Recently, she had to clear up some things she said about dark skin people. How many apologies is she going to issue before people realize that’s just who she is. Bye Claudia.

Listen to the video below:


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