Tiny Harris Addresses Rumor That T.I. Isn't King Harris' Father

Oop! Tiny Harris Addresses Rumor That T.I. Isn’t King’s Father

In the days following her and her family going viral for a heated scuffle at the Atlanta Falcons game, Tiny Harris is now taking to the internet to set some other things straight.

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How The Rumor Unfolded

On Thursday, November 30, a Facebook user with the handle “Triqsta B’me” took to their feed to share a message regarding King Harris. Additionally, the user alleged that they received their information from a “reputable source.”

I Just Got Word From A Reputable Source… #King Was Told His Biological Father Is #Bimmy That’s Why He Said #TIPS History Is A Mystery… And That Its All Cap… Somebody Call #Maury #Lauren London … We Wanna Hear Clifford Harris #YouAreNotTheFather…”

For context, Clifford Harris is T.I.’s government name.

Additionally, the Facebook post featured photos of King Harris along with what seems to be present and past photos of Bimmy.

From there, the Facebook post was shared by @theuncutt on Instagram. The outlet alleged that Bimmy is related to music mogul and the mother of rapper Waka Flocka Flame, Deb Antney.

“…This is alleged tea but someone claims that a reputable source says some of the current drama between #KingHarris and his #TI and #Tiny is due to him finding out about his biological father… Bimmy is rumored to be related to Deb Antney, Waka Flocka’s mother.”

According to FX, Bimmy’s real name is James Antney. He is reportedly known as New York’s “godfather” of hip hop and was raised in Queens, New York.

Tiny Harris & Bimmy Respond As Social Media Reacts

An hour after @theuncutt shared their post on Instagram, Tiny Harris briefly addressed the allegations as “clickbait” via X, formerly known as Twitter.

“Quit playing with my family for clickbait! I’ve had about enough!”

Shortly after, Harris fully responded to the allegations via her Instagram Story.

“Man this is the biggest bulls**t ever!!! No disrespect but I don’t even know Bimmy like that! I was just reminded of who he was. Quit playing with us for click bait b***h!!” Harris wrote.

Then, Tiny returned to X with a few more words.

“A lie don’t care who tell it……”

Furthermore, Bimmy even caught word of the social media rumor and took to Instagram Live to share his thoughts.

“So the internet gon’ give me a kid,” Bimmy satirically told viewers. “…That’s how we doing it? Just gon’ give me a kid?… This is crazy.”

The Rumor Is The Latest Happening In A Week Of Headlines Regarding The Harris Family

The rumor regarding King Harris’ paternity is the latest to capture headlines for the Harris family this week. As The Shade Room previously reported, T.I., Tiny, and King became involved in a scuffle while streaming on Instagram Live Sunday.

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The incident was sparked by a disagreement about Harris’ upbringing and spawned various responses from King, per The Shade Room.

On Wednesday, T.I. seemingly patched things up with his son and declared to social media that he and his family are “tied like a knot.”

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