#Roommates, #TishaCampbellMartin and #DuaneMartin are being accused of hiding some of their coins while filing for bankruptcy!

A few weeks ago, we reported that the couple (who are now getting divorced) filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. However, according to @Blast, the trustee involved in their bankruptcy settlement is now accusing them of hiding $50K and wants them both to be sanctioned!

Apparently Tisha was instructed to turn over all her acting residuals after filing for bankruptcy but Duane allegedly “improperly diverted Tisha’s residuals.” The trustee in their case is asking that the judge to order that all the residual income be paid to the estate.


We also reported, Duane and Tisha are also in the middle of a divorce and this may complicate that proceeding as well. We’re hoping the pair can get through this as best as possible!

Source: https://theblast.com/tisha-campbell-martin-duane-bankruptcy-residuals/

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