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Tokyo Man Arrested For Stalking A Pop Star By Using The Reflections In Her Pupils To Track Her Down

There are some things that are strange occurrences—and then some things are so creepy it’s hard to believe they’re real. That’s exactly the case involving a Tokyo man who was arrested for allegedly stalking a pop star by using her pupils to locate her whereabouts.

@NBCNews reports a local Tokyo man was arrested on suspicion of stalking a popular female pop star by meticulously studying the reflections of her pupils in photos she shared on social media—and finally using Google Street View to find out where she lived. Although Tokyo law enforcement officials declined to comment on the specifics of the case, they did confirm the identity of the suspect, 26-year-old Hibiki Sato, who was arrested last month on suspicion of indecent behavior in connection with stalking and causing injuries to the 20-year-old victim.

The woman’s identity has not been disclosed, but according to Japanese reports, she is a huge pop star and Sato was an “avid fan.” Further reports state that Sato allegedly used the high-resolution images of the woman’s pupils to figure out which train station she frequently used for transportation. He also intensely studied other images she shared on social media, including her apartment, to determine where she lived.

Police say that Sato was suspected of grabbing the woman from behind, groping her and causing injuries. Such an alarming case has raised caused for concern in Tokyo regarding the potential risks of sharing personal content on social media.

Residents have reportedly been warned that even posting casual selfies could show surrounding buildings, allowing people to identify your location. It also been suggested that people shouldn’t make the V-sign with their fingers, which is a popular pose the Japanese often do in photos, because their fingerprints could be stolen.


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