Roommates, Tommie Lee has been an open book with her audience since joining the #LHHATL cast just a few seasons back. Tommie was recently arrested on child abuse charges, and spent nearly four months in jail. Now, Tommie wants the world to know her truth!

In an interview with The Breakfast Club, Tommie speaks about everything from her start on the LHH franchise, to her childhood, and how she plans to move forward. But, Tommie also gets deep into her recent arrest and her relationship with her children.

Just a few months back, Tommie was arrested on child abuse charges, which she says, are a result of her 11-year-old daughter taking edibles to school.

“My daughter took edibles to school and she got a charge from that,” she says. “All the kids ate them and were rushed to the hospital. That was a real big deal for me.”

Tommie continues, speaking about her childhood experience with being involved with the police. Tommie says her first arrest came when she was 15 years old, and she doesn’t want her daughter to have the same experience.

Administrators call Tommie to the school to pick her daughter up, and upon arrival, Tommie says her first instinct was to take a similar approach to most parents–embarrassment.

Despite police reports, Tommie says she grabbed her daughter by the hoodie and held her up to a nearby locker. Administrators claim Tommie slammed her head into the locker and beat her aggressively.

Tommie says she sent her children to Miami for spring break, where they stayed with a close friend. Her daughter claims she found the edibles on the plane back from Miami.

Tommie was contacted by officers saying she needed to turn herself in due to the incident.

Despite her arrest, Tommie says she is making strides to use her platform in a more positive way, and wants to inspire her daughters to be better than she has.

“What I saw when I was younger was finesses,” she says. “I love my daughters and they think about being entrepreneurs and I’m so proud of them.”

We are praying for Tommie and her daughters, and hope they can continue to move forward!


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